Tuesday, September 06, 2011

The Secret Blue State Plan To Steal The 2012 Elections

The deep Blue states above all have something in common. They're all ruled by solid Democrat majorities in their State Legislatures and they've all passed legislation designed to favor Democrat urban strongholds, disenfranchise less populated Red States and have a decisive effect on the 2012 election.

And very few people know about it.

The legislation is known as The National Popular Vote bill, and there's an ongoing attempt to get it passed in as many states as possible. It's mainly being championed by Democrats, with a sprinkling of Republicans to give it the aura of 'bi-partisanship'.

The states above control 138 electoral votes. Because they've all signed on to The National Popular Vote Act, those electoral votes will automatically go to the candidate who gets the most popular votes nationally - regardless of how the citizens of these states actually vote.

For instance, let's say that in 2012 the largely Republican voters in downstate Illinois and some of the suburbs manage to outvote the Democrats, corpses, illegal aliens and vagrants put together by the ward bosses and the machine in Chicago and Cook County. Because the Democrats in the Illinois Legislature have managed to push the National Popular Vote Act through, Illinois' 20 electoral votes would go not necessarily to the Republican candidate the majority of voters in the state chose but to whichever candidate got the majority of votes nationally. If Barack Obama were to win the popular vote nationally by even as little as 100 votes, Illinois' 20 electoral votes will automatically go him.

This scenario is also known as Al Gore's wet dream.

None of these states held a referendum on this. It was all done by legislative fiat.

It's also interesting to look at some of the people behind this.

The Chairman, Dr. John Kozas of Los Altos California is a wealthy lefty who made his money from co-inventing the scratch-off lottery ticket and then lobbying state governments to sell them. Among many other far Left and socialist groups and candidates he's supported as a donor and/or bundled for is Howard Dean's Democracy For America ( DFA) political organization, Berkeley nut case Rep. Barbara Lee, Senator Barbara Boxer, Nancy Pelosi, Bernie Sanders, Keith Ellison, The Democratic Farmer/Labor Party, the DNC, Senator Boxer's PAC for a Change, and of course, Barack Obama. The list is a long one.

Tom Golisano is a prominent business man with deep pockets who was the co-counder of the Independence Party of New York, a party split between Perotistas and a strong Marxist element. He was also a Kerry donor. Forbes estimates his personal wealth at $1.2 billion.

Barry Fadem, the president, is a long-time Democrat operative in California, who worked for Governor Jerry Brown and Lieutenant Governor Mervyn Dymally arguably one of the most incompetent and perhaps racist public officials in state history. He's another Boxer donor, as well as to ActBlue, an organization that seeks to organize boycotts to penalize businesses thought to be too 'Republican'.

Jason Roe was a Republican operative in the northeast with all that implies until he got a little too close to Jack Abramoff.

National Popular Vote Secretary Chris Pearson is another long time far Left Democrat operative who worked with admitted socialist Bernie Sanders and the Progressive Party.

Larry Sokol is a longtime Democrat legislative staffer and lobbyist in California. His connections were instrumental in shepherding the Nation Popular Vote Bill through the California Legislature.

Former Minnesota GOP Representative Laura Brod is something of the odd person out here.While the cast of the group is overwhelmingly Left- leaning, Brod says there is a conservative argument for NPV.

She claims that this is a state's rights prerogative according to Article 2, Section 1 of the Constitution, that the current system means that national candidates spend their time and resources and craft policy based on the needs of battleground states while ignoring states with little electoral clout and states they feel they have no chance of carrying. Brod's argument is that NPV will make every vote count and force National candidates to campaign in every state. These arguments all have some validity. Democrat nominees usually give Utah and Texas a pass and Republicans do the same to Connecticut and Massachusetts.

Where she's mistaken, in my opinion is the ultimate outcome. Widespread adoption of the NPV would simply give the Democrats an opportunity and the incentive to build up huge vote tallies in the corrupt urban strongholds they control by means fair or foul in an attempt to simply overwhelm voters in smaller Red states.

Voting illegal aliens, dead people, 'activists' being carted from state to state taking advantage of same day registration and felons in Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Chicago, New York City and similar areas wouldn't just affect those states anymore...it would infect the voting process throughout the country and ultimately make the Electoral college irrelevant.

This is a Trojan Horse. And that's exactly why this group is mainly led by Left wing Democrats and why legislatures dominated by Democrats in Blue states are in love with it.

Make no mistake about it. This is a well-funded, highly organized group and could have a major impact in 2012. And hardly anyone knows about it.

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B.Poster said...

What can be done about this? The Democrats control the government bureacracy which includes the EPA, OSHA, the National Labor Relations Borard, FBI, the professorships, management, and administration of the major universities, the public education system grades k-12, the courts, the various electoral boards that set voting standards, and the news media.

Even when the Republicans have controlled the House or the Senate, the Democrats are able to pick off enough Republicans to thwart any agenda the Republicans may have that runs counter to theirs. When the Democrats control the House and Senate, they pick off enough Republicans to advance their agenda. Even if all of this fails, they still have their complete control of the government appartus mentioned above to advance their agenda.

Given the huge edge in power Democrats have over Republicas, there is harldy enough oxegyn for a two party system. How has the Republican party survived in this situation? I think largely for two reasons. The Republicans have laregely gone along to get along and the Democrats need them for around for various reasons such as to serve as a scapegoat for various things.

Essentially if we were to compare Democrats and Republicans to animals, the Democrats are like lions and the Republicans are like squirrels. While squirrels can be clever animals, they hardly match up well against lions.

Also, something else to consider in addition to Democrats virtual complete control of the levers of power within the various government agencies and their control of the news media is the American people. Whether any ccommentator wishes to adimt this or not it will not change the fact that America is politically a left of center nation. As such, the American people will be predisposed to side with the positions typically taken by Democrats on alomst any thing.

What is to be done to stop this and other aspects of the leftist agenda from being implemented? As it appears right now, the only thing to stop this is some type of divine miracle. God has worked miracles before and I don't think He has gotten out of the miracle working business. I hope he will work one here becuase if this isn't stopped I simply am unable to see any way to halt the Leftist agenda before the country is completely destroyed.

Rhymes With Right said...

The thing is, though, that none of these state laws go into effect until and unless states representing a majority of electoral votes adopt the plan. Therefore, unless there are 270 electoral voes already committed to follow this scheme, no state's votes will be changed.

And thre is no constitutional problem with this scheme anyway -- after all, the Constitution states that the electoral votes of a state will be cast however the state legislature directs -- these laws, while ill-advised (in my opinion) are simply the method for making that determination. Heck -- the state legislature doesn't even have to allow the people to vote at all for president.

Rob said...

D'accord Greg...but they're more than halfway there and are busy lobbying their next target, New York with a firm that also works for George Soros.

The problem is the exact one I mentioned..if they do get there,it's not a level playing field because the left will use whatever means necessary to eke out a popular vote win.

This is more dangerous than it seems.

B.Poster said...

"...it's not a level playing field..." It hasn't been a level playing field for decades now. This would be the final nail in the coffin so to speak. The question is how do we stop it?

I see one of three possibilities.
1.)The Russians are still angry about any set backs they think they suffered as a result of the Cold War. They blame America for all that is percieved to ail them. They may launch an all out preemptive nuclear strike against America. Largely due to leftist influences we've allowed our nuclear deterent to atrophy and we haven't developed the types of weapons and weapons systems that will allow us to compete with either Russia or China on the conventional battlefield. We may find ourselves defenseless should Russia attack. 2.)Eventually the world markets and specifically our chief creditors such as China will force the type of spending cuts that the "tea party" is pushing for. It would be better for us to get out in front here and do this ourselves. Essentially we simply run out of money to pay for all of this and the Chinese and other creditors force the US into a type of bankruptcy receivership where they gain control of all of the income producing assets the nation has. 3.)God works a miracle and the Left is stopped.

louielouie said...

you readn' this rosey?

Rosey said...

Yes I’m reading this. Reading BPoster’s Doomsday screed that is. This blog is getting depressing. I’m going to Home Depot to buy some rope. And maybe apply for a low wage job.
As always, I hope Louie is wrong. I can’t tell anymore if he is serious. I was assuming extreme sarcasm, but I can’t tell anymore.
Mr. Poster, currently we have 18 Ohio class submarines patrolling the world, each of which is capable of destroying the planet something like 14 times over. Of course BamBam wants to weaken this deterrent, but currently, they are functioning, and only a suicidal Russia (or other country) would attempt a nuclear strike. Assuming we had a Commander in chief with some gonads, the attackers would vaporize. I know you believe the US armed forces are over-stretched and worn down, but we still gots nukes galore.

Rob said...

Oy, Rosey..if you listen to B. Poster, the only reason we haven't been invaded by the Mighty Rooskies is because they're such nice guys.

I've tried going over this with him many times, but I suppose he has a right to his opinion.

The Chinese are also not going to 'foreclose' on our debt. Not only would they be kissing $800 billion plus goodbye but they would be losing any leverage on America as well as the best customer they have for exports they need to sell desperately to survive.

They're not stupid.

Plus, China's capitalists still need a place to park money where it's not going to be confiscated by a still totalitarian government.

As far as this article goes, you'll notice that all of th estates that have rammed this through are Deep Blue and would still likely go for Obama in 2012. I also doubt this will spread enough by the election to make a difference. But it could which is why it needs some sunlight.


SecondComingOfBast said...

Democrats like Jerry Brown would feel pretty stupid if the GOP nominee got a majority of the popular vote, and California's votes went to the Republican nominee even though the Democrat won California by five or six percentage points or more.

That would mean, of course, that there would be all kinds of court challenges and recount demands, only this time it would be at the national level, especially if the margin of victory was just one or two percent.

This would be a big mess and needs to be nipped in the bud. I don't care what anybody says, its unconstitutional on the face of it. Legislators have the right to decide how the electoral votes are apportioned, but that's not open-ended or unlimited.

Even though Maine can divide up their electoral votes proportionate to the vote tally, or Nebraska can cast their electoral votes according to the votes of each individual district, they are still voting as representatives of THEIR STATES.

This attempt amounts to nothing more than an attempt to further minimize state sovereignty, and its wrong. I would even go so far as to say its fucking treasonous.

tparty in Mi said...

This is being worked hard and heavy in Michigan right now and we are fighting it tooth and nail. If you are reading this and your state is not already on board you better start looking at your legislators and see if they are getting flown to DC or taken on fishing trips or whatever else to buy them off to vote to join this compact. They haven't even seen the bill yet and some Republicans have co-signed it because they got a couple of well known Republicans on their side who they are paying to push it through.


Rob said...

My hone state already passed this through..solid Democrat dominated legislature and a far Left Democrat governor.

Michigan is a battle ground state. so an effort to get this through there is dangerous.This group has efforts pending in a lot of states.

You're right, this needs to be fought tooth and nail.


KG said...

I've put up a link back to this post on my site.
This is just one of many avenues the left will use come 2012 and unless conservative voters get off their backsides and do some serious work to get out the vote the squatter in the WH will destroy America.

"We are four days away from fundamentally transforming America"

Remember that?

Eric-Odessit said...

Historically there was only just a couple of instances when the results of the popular vote were not the same as the Electoral College (2000 Election is one of them). So, it is very likely that this might backfire on the leftists.

Rob said...

Hello Eric,
Unfortunately, in this situation we're dealing with the possibility of massive vote fraud, especially if Obama's involved.

The Dems control urban machines that are capable of ginning up thousands of illegal aliens, corpses,felons and vagrants to vote, they can cart 'activists' from one state to another to vote because of same day registration ( which is why they're fighting so hard against photo ID requirements) and the Obama Administration has already shown the ability to defy the law and suppress thousand of military votes.

There's a major opportunity for them to steal an election here...which is why the people in charge of this are almost all far Left progressives and Obama supporters.


Anonymous said...

Buying and inventing votes would become immensely profitable. much more so than now. The most populous urban areas would be cesspools of voter fraud and lawsuits to follow. Our elections would never be smoothly resolved and discord would reign.

Also, we would end up with multiple candidates running only to pull votes from other candidates so that the winner need take say 20% of the vote...would only need a plurality. Then you have a country where the president had been chosen by one in five voters. Not good!
Our founders knew what they were doing and set up the electoral college to prevent the tyranny of the majority.
The popular vote compact destroys the last vestige of that protection.The RNC, Mitch McConnell and Heritage are against it.Soros is behind it. What more need we know?