Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pam Geller Suing The NY MTA

Atlas Shrug's Pam Geller is suing the New York Metropolitan Transit Authority for refusing to run the above ad on its subways and buses.

According to an MTA spokesman, the agency “does not approve or disapprove of issue-oriented advertisements based on the viewpoint being expressed,” and that it recently approved other ads that focused on the Middle East. “However, our advertising standards do prohibit language that demeans an individual or group.”

Apparently the word 'savage' was the sticking point.

However, the MTA was perfectly happy to run this ad,which calls the IDF savages by implication:

Aw,isn't that cute? I wonder if the good folks over at the MTA ever heard of Samir Kuntar, an honorary 'Palestinian citizen' who was feted by Mahmoud Abbas himself. Or that Abbas referred to the many child murderers held in Israeli prisons as 'heroes of freedom' and insists they all have to be freed in any peace deal...and that includes the Tanzim sniper who shot little 10-month-old Shalhevat Pas in her stroller.

Maybe if Pam used this picture, it would have made her point a bit more graphically:

That was taken after the non-savages lynched two IDF reservists who wandered across the border accidentally during what was supposed to be peacetime and were literally torn apart by a mob while the 'Palestinian' security forces stood and watched...and participated. They were convicted in an Israeli court of course...the 'Palestinians have never put anyone in jail for murdering Jews.

( sorry about the LGF link...that was back when Chuckles was still sane)

Robert Muise of the Thomas More Law Center and ace lawyer David Yerushalmi are involved, so this isn't frivolous and has major implications for the way jihad and its adherents are portrayed in the future.

Yaser Koach, Pam!

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Old School said...

It never ceases to amaze how those in the western nations give these people a pass. They are truly savages for the most part, claiming to be victims whilst they make role models and heroes out of savages.

They honour them.

Anonymous said...

To me there's a big difference between saying we should end military aid to a foreign country and calling a whole race of people savages.

Rob said...

I don't agree with you, anonymous.

First, in the second ad it's implicit that the IDF are being portrayed as 'savages'...anti 'peace and justice'. No other implication is possible.

Second, you may not know we give military aid to the 'Palestinians' fact our General Keith Dayton put together a whole U.S. equipped and trained army for them consisting of two brigades and with a lot of terrorists belonging to the Tanzim, the al-Aqsa Martyr's brigade and other violent 'Palestinian' factions on th payroll, courtesy of your tax dollars.

Not that we actually get anything for it, as we do from our alliance with Israel, but the aid is still given to the 'Palestinians', just as the almost $1 billion we've given in 'humanitarian aid' to the Hamas ruled reichlet of Gaza enables them to spend their money buying weaponry and shooting rockets at Israel.

Funny how you and others who claim to be for 'peace and justice' never call for aid to be suspended to 'Palestine'.

A real coincidence, eh?

Anonymous said...

I'm pro-Israeli and have absolutely no sympathy for the Palestinians. So "Anti-peace and justice" is not true and is not a nice thing to say, but it is in no way equal to 'savages,' a loaded racist term if there ever were one. This Gellar woman is a nasty piece of work and has spent the entire summer backpedalling on her hate speech after the Oslo shooting. She should have the decency to keep her head down for a while. Under water, if at all possible. I'm becoming more and more convinced that she's actually pro-Palestinian and is acting this way in order to undermine the Israeli cause.