Friday, September 30, 2011

Obama: 'America's Gone Soft"

"I mean, there are a lot of things we can do," Obama said. "The way I think about it is, you know, this is a great, great country that had gotten a little soft and, you know, we didn't have that same competitive edge that we needed over the last couple of decades. We need to get back on track."

My, my. President Obama has just come out with her version of Jimmy Carter's 'malaise' remarks.

You see, we don't deserve the president's enlightened rule. We're too 'soft', and just not worthy.

Let's talk about that competitive edge, shall we?

As a matter of fact,let's start by asking the GM car dealers who were forced out of business when the Obama Administration turned it into Government know, the ones that weren't minority owned or whose owners had the misfortune to either be or have contributed to Republicans.

Or how about the billions the Obama Administration has poured into 'green energy' scams like Solyndra run by his top campaign contribution bundlers while doing everything they can to retard the use of oil and coal?

I wonder, does this president's embrace of 'competitiveness' mean that he's now for school choice and vouchers and right to work laws? Does it mean he's now against against funding NPR, the money he gave to Brazil's oil industry, ObamaCare, the GM subsidies and affirmative action?

No and means the president likes 'competition' when he and Big Government call the shots to reward their loyal subjects. It means the very essence of crony capitalism.

And what about being 'soft'? I mean, I wasn't aware that Martha's Vineyard, separate jets on the taxpayer's dime because a husband and wife can't coordinate their schedules, $100 per pound wagyu steak and five star resorts in Spain were examples of the tough life.

I agree with President Obama on one thing. We really don't deserve his 'leadership'. I only wish we could swap him to another country more worthy of it than America.

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