Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Obama's Rosh Hashanah Greeting - And The Translation

And now the translation:

"Damn, is it that time again?

I gotta remind all you Jews about something..remember, you're liberals and you're not gonna diss the first black president, are you? How would that look, if you stray off the Plantation? Remember, not only are you liberals, but you're rich, so you owe all those struggling communities not only here but worldwide.Let the guilt flow.

Poll numbers among y'all are down, and so are financial contributions so it's important that I tell you at this time about my commitment to Israel. I mean, it's what you wanna hear, right? And I'm very much about giving people what they want at election time. Hey, would I lie?

Keep in mind, with the Arab Spring I helped set off brewing and all those Islamists taking power, Israel's gonna need some friends to pressure Israel to surrender for its own good. And who better than me, your favorite community organizer? So let's just forget about everything that's happened between Israel and my administration over the past three years and just concentrate on getting me re-elected.

I did the usual conference call this year with some of your rabbis, so they're well armed with talking points to work into their sermons this year. So remember, vote Democrat, and most importantly vote Obama. Allahu Akba- uhh, Happy New Year. Later"

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Anonymous said...

Can I copy this into the comments at the JPost?


Rob said...

Nachon, chaver. Le Shana Tovah..

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