Tuesday, September 06, 2011

WH Spokeshole Carney Refuses To Criticize Obama's Approval Of Hoffa's Remarks

This is really worth watching. Reporter Jake Tapper corners White House spokeshole Jay Carney on President Obama's reaction to Jimmy Hoffa Jr.'s "War" and "take out those sons of bitches" comments when he was introducing the president at that Detroit labor rally yesterday, asking whether the President disavows that rhetoric.

Carney absolutely refused to comment on that,spinning instead that the president spoke, oh, a whole ten minutes later and had nothing to do with it, even though Obama praised Hoffa afterwards.

Tapper then reminds this ferret that when someone introducing John McCain made a few remarks about then Senator Obama in 2008, the Obama campaign had a major meltdown and asked for an apology, which they received.Link

"So is this the new standard now?" Tapper asked Carney. "Are Republicans candidates only responsible for what they say, not those who introduce them or their surrogates?"

Of course Carney won;t agree to that, anymore than he would criticize what Hoffa said. But the look on his face as he bites into that particular sandwich is priceless. He's been pwned in front of the entire White House Press corps, and Carney knows it.

Full transcript here.

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