Sunday, September 18, 2011

PA: Palestinian 'Refugees' Won't Be Citizens Of 'Palestine' - They'll Still Be 'Refugees'!

This article in Lebanon's Daily Star is a real eye opener for those who think establishing a 'Palestinian' stage is about self-determination for a bunch of refugees, or ending the Arab-Israeli conflict.

It's an interview with an important 'Palestinian' official, Abdullah Abdullah, th ePA's ambassador to Lebanon,where there's a substantial group of those people who identify themselves as 'Palestinian refugees.' And he says in no uncertain terms that the 'Palestinian Authority's' official policy if that refugees in refugee camps will not receive 'Palestinian' citizenship, even if the 'refugees' are already living in the new 'Palestine':

The ambassador unequivocally says that Palestinian refugees would not become citizens of the sought for U.N.-recognized Palestinian state, an issue that has been much discussed. “They are Palestinians, that’s their identity,” he says. “But … they are not automatically citizens.”

This would not only apply to refugees in countries such as Lebanon, Egypt, Syria and Jordan or the other 132 countries where Abdullah says Palestinians reside. Abdullah said that “even Palestinian refugees who are living in [refugee camps] inside the [Palestinian] state, they are still refugees. They will not be considered citizens.”

Chew that over just for a minute...'Palestinians' living in refugee camps in 'Palestine' are going to remain refugees no matter what!

You see, the idea was never to provide a solution to the refugee problem, or as Abudullah makes clear, to end the conflict. It's to keep these people weaponized in the War Against the Jews, with the end goal to destroy Israel:

Abdullah said that the new Palestinian state would “absolutely not” be issuing Palestinian passports to refugees. ( For obvious reasons..they don't want them to be able to leave).

Neither this definitional status nor U.N. statehood, Abdullah says, would affect the eventual return of refugees to Palestine. “How the issue of the right of return will be solved I don’t know, it’s too early [to say], but it is a sacred right that has to be dealt with and solved [with] the acceptance of all.” He says statehood “will never affect the right of return for Palestinian refugees.”

The right of return that Abdullah says is to be negotiated would not only apply to those Palestinians whose origins are within the 1967 borders of the state, he adds. “The state is the 1967 borders, but the refugees are not only from the 1967 borders. The refugees are from all over Palestine. When we have a state accepted as a member of the United Nations, this is not the end of the conflict. This is not a solution to the conflict. This is only a new framework that will change the rules of the game.”

'From all over Palestine'... meaning Israel as well.

The Palestinian refugee situation remains one of the most successful scams in history. It never had but one object, the destruction of Israel...and they not on lt actually got gullible westerners (including the current occupant of the White House) to pay the tab, but have even convinced the people they're feeding on like vampires to go along with the program.

There is no peace possible with such an agenda.

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Anonymous said...

When is a refugee not a refugee? When its called a Palestinian!