Friday, September 02, 2011

Obama Forced To Shelve Harsh EPA Cap n' Tax Dictats

President Obama hastily shelved his EPA's plans to implement harsh regulations to force companies to comply with new regulations designed to penalize businesses to supposedly force reductions in ozone and lessen global warming.

The announcement came just after the new government report on private sector employment showed that businesses essentially adding no new jobs last month, the unemployment rate stuck 9.1 percent and zero growth in the economy.Factor in the U3 figures, which includes people whose unemployment benefits have run out, people like small business owners who are looking for work and not collecting benefits and people who have stopped looking for work ( 'discouraged workers' in DC policy speak) that the feds never figure into the official unemployment rate and it's more like almost 15%.

And that's no coincidence.

The EPA's harsh new regs were based on California's, the most onerous in the entire country and perhaps the world. Businesses and the most productive citizens are fleeing the state in droves and the 'official' unemployment rate is 12%, 3 points above the national 'official' rate. The real rate is close to 18%.

Obama may continue to peddle the happy horse manure about green jobs to the True Believers, but he understood that what his EPA director Lisa Jackson was planning with his avid encouragement was a job killer that would have led to nationwide unemployment at California levels and higher prices on energy, food and most goods manufactured in America. Nor could he have blamed it on Congress, since it would have been entirely implemented through the EPA's regulatory apparatus and executive order.

The president listened to that little voice in his ear that keeps repeating 'elections coming up' and

Just as King Putt was willing to sell out his black constituency to pander for votes to those Hispanics who favor amnestia rather than concern himself about black unemployment, he cynically decided to toss his environmentalist extremist allies aside for now to avoid worsening the already dire economic situation right before people are getting ready to cast their ballots.

In the case of both black voters and environmental extremists, he figures he can take their votes for granted anyway, so the president has nothing to lose.

Of course, once he's safely in for a second term, watch out.

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louielouie said...

i will admit to be truly surprised at this news.
although ff does elude to what will happen if milli vanilli gets re-elected.
i think he's aiming for 30 - 32 percent unemployment for the great evildoer.
thing is, about half of america is just fine with this.

B.Poster said...

The insane regulations we have in America are the biggest problem. While high taxes are certainly not helpful, we could probably take evern higher taxes, IF the regulatory beast is tamed.

Businesses are constantly demonized by talking head pundits for "offshoring." What they can't or won't realize is with the insane regulatory environment that currently exists, businesses often have no choice but to "offhsore" if they have any hope of surviving. The regulatory environment is so insane that in many cases a company could not manufacture things here and break even if theiir workers worked for free.