Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Speech Worth Noting - Romney In Pennsylvania

Governor Mitt Romney made an excellent speech in Pennsylvania yesterday that is well worth listening teleprompters, no notes, nothing stilted, just speaking from the heart. I recommend you watch it. ( h/t Powerline via memeorandum)

I doubt the Obama media lackeys will report on this, but if Mitt Romney keeps hitting the trail and talking directly from the heart to the American people like this, we could be in for an interesting result come November.

He's doing exactly what I said he needed to - being positive, warm and optimistic about America's future.

Given a clear choice, the American people will almost certainly respond to Romney's message rather than Obama's class warfare rant.

As Governor Romney said yesterday, "This is a vote for what kind of America we're going to have, and for me I vote for freedom and free people ."



Roland said...

The reason that no one will hear this speech is because Romney's tax problems are sucking all of the oxygen out of the room. You can chalk it up to 'media bias', but the fact is that Romney is his own worst enemy here. His supporters are pleading with him, his advisors are divided, even National Review is pleading with Romney to stop 'playing into the President's hands' (their words). If you like the message and want it heard, getting the disclosure issue of the front page is mandatory at this point.

Rob said...

Hello Roland,
If the American people continue to hear speeches like this from Romney, what the media does won't matter as much as it thinks it does.

As far as it sucking all the life out of the room,IMO they would attempt to bury speeches like this even if Romney's taxes were not an issue...he's running against their poster boy Obama, you see.

So he has nothing to gain either way.

As much as I enjoy many of the writers working for the NRO,the magazine as an institution tends to run scared and be overly sensitive to what the dinosaur media might think ( call it the John McCain syndrome, if you like) and has frequently taken stands like this that have proven to be badly mistaken. Same with George Will and some of the others who are urging Romney to react to Obama's baiting.

Governor Romney has already said what he plans to do, and he should stick with it. If he does, this will end up being relegated to the sidelines (the news cycle will see to that) and just being another lefty talking point.

It also occurs to me that the Obama campaign has already looked at Romney's tax returns (the IRS is, after all, a federal agency under Obama's command) and already has a number of the lies and distortions Romney spoke of ready to roll as Soros funded negative ads.

We've already seen what they did with Romney's tenure at Bain. No reason to give them any additional fuel.


Roland said...

Governor Romney has already said what he plans to do, and he should stick with it.

Sticking with what he said isn't exactly what Romney is known for. And it's not even accurate in this case (he said last year that he would release the returns if he became the nominee). But maybe Romney had another position before that one. I wouldn't be surprised.

He was pro-choice. Then he was pro-life. He dismissed the Reagan years. Then he called him 'his hero'. He was for stem cell research. Then he was against it. He was pro-mandate. He was anti-mandate. This list goes on and on.

In fact, maybe you can answer for me a question I've always wondered: what makes you think that a man who switches his position based on political expediency will be on your side once he's in the White House? It's a hell of a gamble you're taking.

So you say that Romney should 'stick with' his current position. What in his history of turnarounds makes you think that he will?

Rob said...

Oh,I have no guarantees.No one does with politicians.

You might find this interesting. It was written some time ago and basically explains why I thought then, and think now that Romney was the best choice out of what was available.

Certainly at this point he's far, far better than the alternative.

I think it will answer your questions.