Friday, July 27, 2012

Dem Election Offical Vows Not To Enforce PA Voter ID Law

Elections inspector Christopher L. Broach said, "To ask me to enforce something that violates civil rights is ludicrous and absolutely something I am not willing to do."

In Delaware County, of course.

Even as the fate of Pennsylvania's new voter-identification law plays out in a Harrisburg courtroom, an election official in Delaware County is vowing not to enforce it.

Christopher L. Broach, a Democratic inspector of elections in the tiny borough of Colwyn, said he would not ask voters to prove who they are on Election Day.

"To ask me to enforce something that violates civil rights is ludicrous and absolutely something I am not willing to do," Broach said Thursday in an interview.

An IT consultant, Broach was elected inspector of elections but has recently acted as judge of elections to fill a vacancy. He called the law a ploy by the Republican-controlled legislature, "a wholly unethical decision that violated civil rights for the sake of getting Mitt Romney elected."

It gets even better further on, when he starts comparing himself to Rosa Parks.

Never mind, of course, that he was a elected to enforce the state's laws and took an oath to do so. That means nothing compared to aiding and abetting voter fraud to get Barack Obama re-elected.

You see, illegal aliens, convicted felons and dead people are a Democrat constituency. Just ask Eric Holder.

The Supreme Court has already weighed in on Pennsylvania's law by upholding an Indiana law that it mirrors, but the idea here is to get to a friendly, Democrat appointed judge and delay things until after the election.

Photo ID's are free for the asking to those who need them, and the odd, occasional sob story used by Democrat friendly media lackeys is just that.

Frankly, as far as I'm concerned, anyone too stupid or incompetent to obtain a photo ID doesn't belong in the voting booth anyway.

Attitudes like Broach's are a disgrace both to the office he holds and to our democracy. And his twaddle about 'civil rights concerns' pales, no pun intended, when you examine how the Obama Administration has suppressed the active military vote and how Obama's Department of Justice has refused to intervene in blatant cases of voter fraud involving whites.

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