Monday, July 09, 2012

'Palestinians' To Go To UN For Statehood Again In Spite Of Obama's Pressure

The 'Palestinian Authority' is threatening to go to the UN again this year in September to try getting statehood through the back door, and according to al-Arabiya, they have refused to back down even in the face of a number of threats by the president.

The last thing this president wants is to have to veto a 'Palestinian' state, particularly in the middle of his re-election campaign. He'd much rather the 'Palestinians' waited until the election was settled, when the misguided American Jews who support him would already have voted and he could simply order Susan Rice over at the UN to abstain and allow a 'Palestinian' reichlet to be proclaimed in defiance of Oslo and the Road Map treaties the U.S. was a signatory to.

Towards that end, the president is threatening to close the PLO embassy in Washington, and threatening to cut off all US aid. The president even sent emissaries to Ramallah last week to deliver that message in person.

According to my source, the problem is that after the president's failure to 'deliver' the Jews and get the 'Palestinians' everything they're demanding, he has little credibility with Abbas and the PLO. Nor do they believe his threats, after they suffered no penalty for defying him last year. They feel the only way to get what they want is to go to the UN and put the squeeze on someone they realize is an essentially weak man.They're betting that President Obama's ideological orientation might embarrass him into risking his re-election by jeopardizing his standing with American Jews.

They also turned down a plea from President Obama that they return to talks with the Israelis unconditionally. In fact, they now have no less than 7 preconditions before talks even start that pretty much eliminate the need for any talks at all. Here's what they want before even sitting down at the table:

1. The cessation of all Israeli building in all of Judea and Samaria, including East Jerusalem, the recognition of 'Palestinian' claims to all these areas including Jerusalem ( characterized as 'the pre-67 lines') as a starting point with the possibility of small territory swaps, and Israeli agreement to the release of all Palestinian terrorists still held in Israeli jails.

2. No final status agreements unless Israel commits to implement all of the above.

3. American support for recognition of 'Palestine' as a UN member and support for 'Palestine' as a member of the UN Human Rights Commission ( the better to wage lawfare and introduce biased resolutions).

4.Formal recognition of Jordan's role in exploratory talks held in Amman.

5. Israeli and American acquiescence to the 'Palestinian reconciliation' with the genocidal Hamas.

6. Formal recognition of 'Palestine's commitment' to the peace negotiations based on the pre-67 borders, including East Jerusalem.

7. Formal recognition that the continuation of any 'settlement activity' by Israel is detrimental to security, stability, and peace in the region.

Needless to say, these are the kind of terms presented to a defeated enemy by a victor, not someone serious about actually negotiating anything.

Oh yes... if the Israelis don't surrender, the 'Palestinians' are threatening a third intifada.

Again, to refer to my source, the 'Palestinians' aren't worried in the least by President Obama's threats. Sitting down with the Israelis isn't possible politically for Abbas and the PLO Old Guard, who are on the way out. Almost all of them have money stashed in Europe or in the Emirates and have Jordanian passports and citizenship anyway. They have nothing to lose.

The real problem, as was explained to me, is money. The Palestinian Authority's EU donors have much bigger problems than the 'Palestinians' to worry about, and the Arab pledges of financial support to keep things going has largely turned out to be an Arabian Nights fantasy, as always.

In short, time is running out for the PA, unless they can finesse something...not Israel.

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