Thursday, July 12, 2012

Mitt Romney's New Ad: 'Obama Lied'

As I mentioned before, Mitt Romney is not John McCain, and he has no intention of allowing Barack Obama and his media lackeys to simply lie about him without challenging it and fighting back. And by the way, the Washington Post quote came from the paper's own factchecker.

Speaking of outsourcing, anybody mention the jobs in coal or in oil production that have been lost under this administration - while our president gave $2 billion dollars of our tax money to Brazil to be used to develop their oil infrastructure and production, thus directly shipping American jobs overseas? Remember this one?

Oh, and the Brazilian oil we helped them develop? China got it. Well done, Mr. President!

I'd love to see a followup by a conservative superPac dealing with all the other outright lies Barack Obama has told the American people during his occupation of the Oval Office...maybe with an animated Pinocchio nose that grows after each example.

As I've said before, it's easy to tell whether this president is lying. Just see if his lips are moving.

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