Thursday, July 26, 2012

The WSJ Washington Wire Misrepresents In Order to Slam Romney

Now that Mitt Romney is touring overseas, he's fair game for the dinosaur media, and anything he says that can remotely be said to be a gaffe is sure to be spun and get headlines.

Somehow, we never saw this approach when President Obama was talking about people speaking 'Austrian.'

A case in point, in today's Washington Wire blog. The headline reads, 'Slovak Foreign Minister Chides Romney on Missile Defense'.

It quotes Slovak Foreign Minister Miroslav Lajcak critical comments on Mitt Romney's remarks on missile defense:

Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney attacked President Barack Obama’s administration this week for abandoning Poland and the Czech Republic by altering plans for an American missile defense system in Europe.

But the Slovak foreign minister, in Washington this week for meetings with U.S. officials, said Thursday that Europe has fully embraced the new approach to missile defense and said Mr. Romney was dredging up settled debates.

“People have moved on,” said Miroslav Lajcak, the minister of foreign affairs and deputy prime minister, in an interview with The Wall Street Journal. “We are in a different situation now. We are discussing a different project. I see no reason to revisit discussions from three years back.”

Next note this part:

Mr. Romney, in his speech to the Veterans of Foreign Wars on Tuesday, said the Obama administration had failed to “nurture” America’s alliances, specifically citing Poland and the Czech Republic. Mr. Romney is due to visit Poland on Monday.

“It began with the sudden abandonment of friends in Poland and the Czech Republic,” Mr. Romney said. “They had courageously agreed to provide sites for our anti-missile systems, only to be told, at the last hour, that the agreement was off.”

No where in the article is it made clear that Slovakia and the czech Republic are two entirely different countries, something most Americans aren't aware of.

They also aren't made aware that Slovakia has a very different relationship with Russia than the Czech Republic does...or about Miroslav Lajcak close personal ties with Russia and its leaders.

Instead, the article is written so as to imply that the Czech Republic itself is critical of Governor Romney's remarks, and if you aren't reading very carefully and are unaware that Slovakia and the Czech Republic are two entirely separate countries, that's exactly the impression you get.

Biased, dinosaur media journalism at its best.

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