Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Kadima Leaves Israeli Coalition Government

Well, that 'marriage' didn't last long!

Shaul Mofaz led his Kadima Party out of it's recent coalition with Israeli PM Bibi Netanyahu's ruling Likud Party today, citing irreconcilable differences over Israel's implementation of reform of the Tal Law, which would have ended exemptions from compulsory military service for many Haredim.

Netanyahu had offered what he referred to as a compromise, which would have seen fifty percent of haredim between the ages of 18-23 drafted by the IDF and another 50% drafted into national service between the ages of 23-26.

The real story, of course is that Kadima is falling rapidly in the polls and Mofaz is looking for this as a wedge issue to try and get some of the party's mojo back.I doubt they'll be successful.

The linked article is incorrect on several items.Despite the first sentence, Netanyahu is not ' forced to consider calling an early general election.' His coalition still has a 12 seat majority in the 120-seat Knesset, which is comfortable.

In any event, Netanyahu and Likud would almost certainly win if elections were held now, while Kadima would be reduced to a shell.

Also, the article states that a unity government would be 'useful' for Israel if it decide to strike Iran's nuclear facilities, and that this was 'a blow.' Rest assured,if the Israelis decide to hit Iran, Kadima being in or out of government will not be a factor.


louielouie said...

Rest assured,if the Israelis decide to hit Iran, Kadima being in or out of government will not be a factor.

given the gravity of the subject matter, that sentence is not in the least funny.
however, i must admit to ff, that, given the structure of his phrasing i let loose an ever so small snort of amusement upon reading the sentence.
my apologies to ff, and all other joos, for my poor taste of humor.

Anonymous said...

You have to read the talkbacks about Mofaz & Kadima, not the articles. The media is mostly BS.
No one needs Kadima, all the polls show them dropping down to 5 seats in the Knesset.
They'll be having a ''Going Out of Business'' sale after the next election.