Thursday, July 26, 2012

New RJC Ad: 'I've Never Voted For A Republican For President, But This Time I will'

Well done, and right to the point..

In another related piece of info, a well known Democratic pollster reveals that President Obama probably lacks enough Jewish votes right now to carry Florida:

President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are “in a 50-50 election right now,” political analyst and Democratic pollster Doug Schoen tells Newsmax.TV, adding that the president is lacking the crucial Jewish vote in Florida needed to win the election.

“I could make a compelling argument why either side is going to win,” Schoen tells Newsmax in an exclusive interview. “But I will say this: There’s never been as much at stake in an election in recent memory as there is in this one.

“Two competing views, two competing visions, and – from where I sit – this is a fight and a contest that has transcended importance for ourselves and for our children.”

One of Obama's biggest hurdles: capturing Florida's Jewish voters. The president, polls show, has about 60-65 percent of the Jewish vote, but, says Schoen, if Obama does not win “a full 75 could, in fact, be decisive.”

It will vary from state to state, but barring something crazy happening I still think in the end that President Obama will end up with a Jewish vote in the low 60's. A substantial drop from 78%, but still far more than he deserves.

To Jews who are conflicted about this, here's what I have to say. If you can't find it within yourself to pull the lever for a pro-Israel Republican, fine. But at least don't vote to put an anti-Israel president back in the White House for four more years.

Just don't vote for president. At least do that much.


B.Poster said...

Do we really know how pro-Israel Mr. Romney is? Most elected officals begin their campaigns as well as their careers pro-Israel, however, the pressures exerted by special interests and the news media tends to cause them to drift away from support for Israel over time.

This suggests that their instincts are generally right on the issue, however, the need for votes, favorable media coverage which can lead to more votes, and the benefits that can accrue to one for "bringing home the bacon" with regards to the various special interests can have am adverese effect on one's ethics over time.

I strongly suspect that Mr. Romney is pro-Israel. Politically he gets very little for such a stance and he stands much to lose from such a stance in terms of media support and the backing of special interests that an elected official or want to be elected official often needs. That assumes he has such support or can get such support any way. Which is unlikely. Most of this support will go to Mr. Obama or any other democrat. Since this is the case, there is little to gain or lose during a campaign for office for Mr. Obama and small amount to lose during the campaign for his support for Israel.

The key question is, if he can win, can he withstand the pressures that will be placed upon him by the media, special interests, and other major stakeholders in the US and around the world who will apply tremendous pressure on him to alter such a pro-Israel position. We simply don't know yet.

The pressures on a POTUS are much different than they are on a governor of a state even one as important as MA. What is clear is Mr. Obama is either anti-Israel to the core or he is fundamentally misguided in his approach and outlook. Either way a change in approach to Israel is clearly needed. Mr. Romney is at least saying the right things but with all due respect I think it may be a bit premature to say definitively that he is pro-Israel.

In any event, most Americans could not find Israel on a map. The woeful ignorance of this on the part of most Aemricans is appalling.

B.Poster said...

I'm not sure if my previous post was clear. I will try to clarify. It is clear that Mr. Obama is either anti-Israel to the core or he is fundamentally misguided in his approach to Isreal. Either way the solution is the same. He needs to be replaced. Since Mr. Romney is the only candidate who seems to have a reasonable chance of doing so, it makes perfect sense to cast one's vote for him. I'm with you up to this point.

With that said, while Mr. Romney appears to say alot of the right things and perhaps even do alot of the right things while he is campaigning, I would not be quick to assume based upon this that he is pro-Israel.

Most US government officials begin their campaigns and their careers as pro-Israel, however, over time the pressures of achieving favorable media coverage, not being attacked by the media, pleasing specail interest groups who "bring home the bacon", and satisfying the demands of key individuals and groups within the US and the world tends to lead most US officals away from a staunch pro-Israel position.

Since there is politially little to gain from a pro-Israel position for Mr. Romney and a small amount to lose in terms of media support and support from special interests, as most media and specail interests support will go to Mr. Obama, it appears that Mr. Romney's instincts are right on this, however, how well will he be able to hold up to the pressure that will be placed upon him to deviate from a pro-Israel position.

Even if he maintained a strong pro-Israel position while governor of MA ths means little with regards to the position of POTUS. As important as MA is, the pressures placed on the governor of a state like MA are no where close to the kinds of pressure a POTUS will have.

Can he take the pressure to deviate from a pro-Israel position that will be placed on him? This is not known at this time. While he does appear to be an improvement over Mr. Obama, with all due respect I think it is premature to classify him as pro-Israel.

Anonymous said...

A Romney victory at least might unleash the Left progs into the streets who have allowed O to get by with a vicious increase of Islamophobic brutality eg dronings in Afpak and Yemen.

Has also given Izzy 95% of what it wants, which his abrupt decline in popularity across the Islamic world revealed by 2012 polls also demonstrates.

Anonymous said...

You're an idiot,anonymous as well as a hater. Obama's popularity with Muslims in America is 90%. He's their guy.

I won't even bother talking to you about his treatment of Israel.