Thursday, July 19, 2012

Bulgaria Was A Suicide Bombing - By An Arab With A Michigan Driver's License


The terrorist attack in Bulgaria on a tourist bus that killed 5 and injured at least thirty people was not caused by a bomb in the luggage compartment, as first thought.

Bulgarian and Israeli investigators have determined that it was a suicide bombing, and the perpetrator has an interesting background.

Mehdi Ghezali is an Algerian with Swedish nationality with a long history of involvement with radical Islam who was previously held at our own tropical resort for Muslim terrorists, Club Gitmo, AKA Guantanamo Bay. He was arrested as an al-Qaeda agent in 2002 and held until 2004 until he was handed over to Swedish authorities by the Bush Administration at the express request of Swedish Socialist prime minister Göran Persson.

He was immediately freed upon his return to Sweden.

Ghezali was found with a fake U.S. passport and driver's license from - wait for it - Detroit, Michigan, home of the largest Muslim community in America and a hotbed of Hezbollah sympathizers...yet another link to Iran's involvement.



B.Poster said...

Sounds like there's a great deal of blame to go around here. We had this individual in our custody. Why was he let go? Why this man not summarily executed or held indefinitely. Why would the Swedes have wanted this person? In other words, why was he so important as to have a prime minister request his release? Why did the Bush Administration comply?

If we hadn't figured this out already, now would be a good time to revisit our policy towards Islam and the primary countries where it is practiced. Algeria is one of them. In Detroit, followers of Islam have been allowed to set up a base of operation where they can train, recruit, and otherwise operate freely.

At a minimum, all mosques should be closely monitored. It would be far preferable if, in addition to that, an indefinite moratorium were placed on immigration from predominately Islamic following countries. As it is now, its only a matter time before one of these individuals or groups of individuals operating out of a place like Detroit does something like that here in America. It makes very little sense to invite someone into your house who does not like you. Put the moratorium on immigration in place, enforce it, and we get more utility for our national security interests than any thing we are currently doing.

louielouie said...

you can call it what you wish.
it was murder.