Sunday, July 22, 2012

Unbelievable: Israel Advances The 'Palestinians' 180 Million Shekels

All I could do when I heard this was shake my head in disbelief..

The Israeli government decided to 'advance' the Palestinian Authority 180 Million NIS against the approximately 100 million NIS in tax money it transfers to the PA on a monthly basis.

The deal was approved by PM Netanyahu and finance Minister Yuval Steinitz and the money was transferred over before Ramadan 'in an effort to ease the Palestinian Authority's financial crisis.'

The official explanation is that it's an attempt to improve relations with the PA, stave off a Hamas takeover and encourage its unelected dictator Mahmoud Abbas to renew some kind of dialogue with Israel.

Absolutely none of these official reasons hold any water whatsoever on closer examination. Relations aren't going to 'improve' because the vast majority of 'Palestinians' want Israel gone, Hamas remains popular because the overwhelming majority of 'Palestinians' despise the PLO Old Guard as crooked and inefficient in pursuing the War against the Jews and the deep seated corruption of the PA and the financial troubles of its EU donors that have cut down the dole to Europe's favorite terrorist entity are unlikely to change.

Nor is Mahmoud Abas interested in any sort of negotiation with the Jews short of their surrendering to all his demands, as he's said many times...repeatedly.

So once I realized that, I decided to find out what really happened.

According to one of my notorious Lil' Birdies, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who was just in Israel, came there with a message from President Obama and leaned on Netanyahu to help bail Abbas out. In exchange, the Israelis were promised a quid pro quo of some kind that as yet I've been unable to uncover.

It might be something as simple as the Obama Administration looking the other way as Israel implements some of the recommendations of the Levy Commission, or a renewed committment to veto the 'Palestinian Authority's' effort to hit the UN up for statehood again.

Depending on what Israel was promised and even more importantly what leverage they have to be sure President Obama will actually deliver (let's be kind and just say that when it comes to Israel, he's been less than trustworthy) , this could either be a good deal or the Israeli government could very well end up as 'friers' ( suckers) and thus a fitting target for our friend Bugs Bunny's ridicule.

Time will tell. Stay tuned.

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