Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Old White Multi-Billionaire Targets Uppity Black Man Who Doesn’t Know His Place

Yes. That 'uppity black man' would be war hero Rep. Allen West. And the old white billionaire would be George Soros, via a special super PAC called 'Dump West'. Soros has promised to fund it with $5 million of his ill gotten gains:

The Super PAC has been christened “Dump West” and is expected to file with the Federal Election Commission early next week. Sources have told The Shark Tank that a website along with a targeted web advertising campaign will soon be launched. Democratic House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi asked former Congressman Larry Smith, who’s now working as a lobbyist, to help line up initial funding for the group. West is said to be at the top of Pelosi’s hit list.
Sources have also us that left wing billionaire George Soros is among those who committed to a $5 million war chest to defeat West. “It’s not surprising that the hard Left is seeking to beat West” said Florida Tea Party leader Eric Von Tausch “West’s a conservative hero.”

Larry Smith, Larry Smith..former Congressman Larry Smith, Florida...processing...oh yeah, this guy!

How typical of Democrats..use a convicted felon, tax cheat and grifter to try to take down a war hero and patriot.

The headline, by the way, is exactly what it would be in the dinosaur media's various outlets if West was a Democrat targeted by say, the Koch brothers.

Of course, this headline could also have read 'Former Nazi Kapo Targets Pro-Israel Congressman'.

Nevertheless, I have a feeling West will prevail. He's been in far tougher situations, fights his enemies couldn't even imagine let alone survive.

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