Sunday, July 29, 2012

NBC's Bob Costas' Reaction To The Israeli Olympic Team..And Al Jazeera's Hatred

NBC's Bob Costas wasn't quite able to have a moment of silence to honor the murdered Israeli athletes of the '72 Munich Olympics as he wished, but as the Israeli team walked by. But what he did instead was to report on the IOC's craven refusal to honor the murdered athletes, and to voice his disapproval of that cowardice.

Oddly enough, the Israeli team did get some silence as they marched by. From Al Jazeera ( AKA JihadTV).as soon as the Israeli delegation entered the stadium led by windsurfer Shahar Zubari who was wielding the Israeli flag with pride, the Arab broadcasters suddenly fell silent.

The two veteran festive Arab sport commentators, Yousef Saif and Isam Shawali sat there in bitter silence, not even able to pronounce the word 'Israel'. As the Israeli team entered the stadium, Shawali said "They don't deserve it."

Enough said.

( hat tip, The Elder)

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