Friday, July 27, 2012

The Churchill Bust - Fact, or Fiction?

The White today is attempting to debunk something that's been said repeatedly and publicly for a long time...namely that a bust of Winston Churchill, a gift from the UK to Presidet Bush was summarily returned to Britain as one of the first things President Obama did when he moved into the White House.

The story now is that is that it was never returned, but merely moved to the residence, and the White House staff helpfully provides a picture.

This raises several interesting questions.

Back in 2009, even the British press reported that the bust had been returned.A simple search reveals not one but numerous news reports and commentary on the matter. So obviously, the bust indeed went back in 2009.And in the three years since, the White House has never seen fit to refute that. All of a sudden, in the middle of the president's election campaign they ' debunk' this, while President Obama's Republican challenger just happens to be in the UK? What a coincidence!

So what's being shown in the picture? Did the most partisan and contentious president in history request it back from the Brits in time for his re-election campaign? The photo, according to the White House, was taken July 20, 2010 by an official White House photographer - which means it could have been taken last week and no one has any way of knowing differently.

Or was a copy made, especially for this particular spin? Coincided to break while Governor Romney is in the UK?

Given President Obama's famous record for veracity, either explanation works..but personally, I lean towards number 2..which also takes on an additional meaning when referring to what usually seems to be coming out of the White House.


UPDATE: Well, what do you know? Turns out I was right all along.The White house outright lied about this being the same bust that was 'never returned'.

The one PM Blair gave to President Bush was sent back to the UK like a piece of unwanted rubbish, just as I wrote. It was another, similar bust that the White House photographed and misrepresented, gathering dust in the White House backrooms until it was needed to try to create a campaign talking point.

So much for 'conspiracy theories,hmmm?

They'll say and do anything.


Roland said...

You're confusing timelines here.

Romney had a disastrous debut on the world stage with his Olympic comments and his campaign was looking for any way they could to distract people before he said something equally stupid in Israel. So yesterday they started talking about this old Churchill bust issue. And the Obama campaign responded. Bring on your next conspiracy theory...

Rob said...

I don't think I'm confusing anything at all, Roland.

The bust was obviously returned back in 2009 according to numerous news sources from all points on the political spectrum, and in all the time since, the Obama Administration has never seen fit to say it wasn't.

Romney's trip to London was announced some time ago, and he's commented previously about the bust. The implications (and timing) are obvious, unless someone is logically challenged.
Either it was secretly returned as a tool for use in the campaign, or a copy was made.

But you're welcome to believe whatever you like.

Rob said...

Oh, on that 'disasterous debut'? More on that later. Watch this space.

louielouie said...

Bring on your next conspiracy theory...

the conspiracy theory roland speaks of, is the one about both of his/her brain cells functioning at the same time.
as cameroon, and hussein, are cut from the same cloth, i don't see why romney would/should bother setting foot on that island.