Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Harry Reid Has Affairs With Pet Dogs, Lights Own Farts On Fire

I have that direct from a long time owner of a kennel who's known Reid for years, and told me explicitly that not only did Senator Reid admit it to him, but that he's been supplying the dogs in question and actually saw Reid set one of his farts on fire with a bic lighter.

The above photo shows him allegedly testing out one  dog's 'suitability'.

Of course, my source must remain confidential.

Nevertheless, I can prove what I say as much as Reid can 'prove' his statements to a Huffington Post reporter about an unnamed 'Bain Investor' telling him that Governor Romney hasn't paid taxes in ten years.

I mean, if you were Mitt Romney,would you be telling some unnamed investor in Bain ( or anyone else for that matter) how much you pay in taxes? Senator Reid might be damned good at crafting special legislation to enrich himself on land deals, but as for crafting a credible slam? You literally would have to go to HuffPo, Newsweak, or Daily Kos to find someone stupid enough to echo chamber that one.

Oh, it gets better. Reid also claims he's somehow channeling Mitt Romney's dead father:

"His poor father must be so embarrassed about his son," Reid said, in reference to George Romney's standard-setting decision to turn over 12 years of tax returns when he ran for president in the late 1960s.

Which leads me to wonder...just how low can someone like Harry Reid go? And is his mother ashamed of him, slandering someone like this just because he found someone equally despicable willing to print this?

Actually, both John Kerry and John McCain never released more than two years' taxes, and they weren't running against Obama, and the dinosaur media.

By the way, I have another hot item on Senator Reid. Did you know he likes to pick his nose and eat his own boogers when he thinks no one's looking? Confidential source, but absolutely accurate, I tell you.

Trust me, we're going to see a lot worse as this goes on.

I never want to hear a single lefty tell me again about 'poisonous discourse' or the evils of Republican 'partisan politics'.


Anonymous said...

F**kin' hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Obama eats dogs, and Harry Reid has sex with 'em. Is there a connection?

Inquiring minds want to know!

Anonymous said...

The typical Obama supporter, in my opinion as seen from afar, is what you can call, ''informationally challenged'' .....
My impression is that America is seriously ''dumbed down'' so something this idiotic can have traction, the stupider the better.
Of course, this can also be seen as total desperation, internal polls must be showing Obama doing far worse than the big-name official polls.

Anonymous said...

How dare you print this kind of obscene libel of the man who is our Senate Majority leader, whether you like it or not.

What kind of deranged moron are you?

You have no proof of any of this.

This is exactly why most Americans despise you wingnuts.

Rob said...

I'm waiting for a formal denial from Senator Reid's office.

Honest.Pinkie promise.

But the photographic evidence does make me wonder....an dafter all, my confidential, unnamed source is certainly as valid as the one Senator Reid quoted in his recent interview, no?



Right Truth said...

It is racist I tell you, RACIST. It must be, everything else is.

Your article is as factual as anything Harry Reid said.

I'm warning Penelope the Beagle to stay away from this man.

Right Truth

Acethepug said...

I'm hoping Anonymous 2:21 AM juct forgot their sarcasm tag, because if they didn't ...

Well, if they didn't, let's just say the irony just went completely over their head :)

Thanks for posting!

Anonymous said...

Found this posting that I liked.

This trap has been set perfectly. Perhaps the Mittster is more clever than he sometimes gets credit for. And to see that such a prominent Dem took the bait. Didn’t he realize there are solid facts and actual evidence to prove himself wrong on this?

And the best part is; we don’t need to wait until Nov to end this; once Willard releases just a few select tax returns; even just the 1040 page itself, the truth will be plain and clear, and Reid will be toast.

Heck, I’ll bet even the word of McCain clearly stating that the returns he saw 4 yrs ago would be sufficient to show Reid’s source and/or story is not accurate.

Now who wouldn’t want to see Reid and the Dems squirm once the truth is out? There should be a national call for the facts to be released, and I begin that here with my single voice.

I hope this gets the appropriate non-partisan support so we can restore honor and integrity to our political discourse.

Rob said...

At least you get the satirical point, Anonymous 10:53 PM.

As you can see form the other comments, not everyone did!

BTW, Mitt Romney is far from stupid, much as you seem to think so.

No one with his record of accomplishment could be, and trust me, he isn't..