Monday, July 23, 2012

The UN Builds Yet Another School Named After A Hamas Terrorist

Your tax dollars at work!

Earlier this month, a brand new school in Gaza was opened, near the former Netzarim junction in the northwest Gaza Strip. The money came from the former Libyan government, but the project was green lighted, funded, constructed and overseen by the United Nations Development Program,(UNDP) a UN agency that specializes in 'helping poor and developing countries.'

Apparently they also specialize in making heroes and role models out of Islamist terrorists.

The school is named after Adnan al-Ghoul, a top Hamas operative who specialized in IED's and was an important part in developing the Qassam rockets for Hamas. His honorific among his Hamas comrades was "father of the Qassam".

AL-Ghoul was also heavily involved in an attack at the Beit Lid junction in central Israel in 1995, in which 22 Israelis were killed, and he manufactured the explosive belt used in the 1996 Purim suicide bombing at Dizengoff Center in Tel Aviv, which murdered ten Israeli civilian and injured dozens more.

All in all, quite a role model for the Hitler, um,...Hamas youth.

The opening ceremony was a gala affair, with Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyah in attendance. He made some well received remarks, noting that al-Ghoul had been a prominent figure in the history of the "resistance" and that "he was not an ordinary jihad fighter or shaheed."

And the UNDP? They issued a press release that basically mimicked Eichmann's original defense of just being a 'transportation officer.'

UNDP implemented the construction of this school that was upon completion, handed over to the Ministry of Education.

The implementation was done under the “direct execution modality” without any involvement of the de-facto authorities in Gaza.

UNDP was also not involved or present at the opening ceremony and has no role whatsoever in naming or in any other activity related to the school.

Through its work, UNDP and the UN system at-large aims to build lasting peace and prosperity throughout the region.

They oversaw the construction of a school, handed it over to the Hamas-run Ministry of Education without a qualm and then claim they had no expectations of what was going to happen? As if they had no knowledge of whom Hamas is or their genocidal policies regarding Jews?

"Your Honor, I just followed orders to get those Jews on the trains. I had nothing to do with what was going to happen to them afterwards."

Increasingly it seems like the UN isn't about peace and prosperity in the least, but something far darker.

Another of those stories you won't see mentioned in your local media...

(H/T, the Elder)

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