Sunday, August 05, 2012

David Axelrod Walks Back DOJ Suit Against Ohio Voting Law To Allow Military Extra Time

If these people weren't so outright despicable, this would be funny.

Now, David Axelrod is distancing himself from the Obama Department Of Justice suit to block a new Ohio law allowing active duty military extra time to vote:

On Fox News Sunday, host Chris Wallace asked Axelrod if he believes military voters should not be given special consideration, to which the top Obama adviser responded, "I absolutely do."

Axelrod went on to call the formulation of the question a false Romney talking point, but his response betrays the treacherous public relations line the Obama campaign is walking.

The legal objection filed by the Obama campaign is not to roll back voting for service members, but to extend early voting for all until the day before Election Day. But the challenge for the Obama campaign is that the means through which they are pushing through the change — essentially arguing that accepting early ballots from early military voters and not ordinary civilians in that three day period is arbitrary and unconstitutional.

In two words,horse manure.The laws simply restore military voting rights which were present in the 2008 cycle.

The Obama Administration has continually made organized efforts to suppress the active duty military vote. Meanwhile, the Democrats have been championing voter fraud by launching a jihad against voter ID laws based on the Indiana law the Supreme Court already approved.

This time, it just happened to go public, they got caught and Axelrod is simply trying to spin this and distance the campaign from it.

No one who has anyone they care about it uniform or who served themselves should go near voting for President Obama in 2012. In fact, based on the polls, most of them aren't. Which is exactly why Eric Holder and the DOJ are doing what they're doing.

President Obama just loves our troops when it comes to politically useful photo ops. But He knows the majority of them don't exactyl approve of him or his policies, and he'll do whatever iot takes to keep them from voting.


Anonymous said...

Why this guy alwas reminds me of a cornered rat when on television

Not Likely said...

Liar. There is no walk-back of any sort despite what the hacks at Buzzfeed have cobbled together.