Friday, September 28, 2012

al-Qaeda Attacks Iraqi Prison, Frees 90 Inmates

In a well coordinated raid, al-Qaeda fighters attacked Tasfirit prison in Tikrit, Iraq, killing a dozen guards and freeing an estimated 90 inmates.

The jihadis attack on the prison started with a suicide car bomb that was detonated outside the gates, followed by an attack with heavy weapons:

Iraqi lawmaker Hakim al-Zamily was quoted in local media as saying that "hardcore" al-Qaeda militants were among those who managed to escape.

Mr. Zamily, who is a member of the parliamentary security committee, said that the escapees seized documents identifying people who had provided information about them to the authorities.

The personal files on the inmates were also destroyed, he said, making it "impossible" to track them down.

In addition, the attackers reportedly took with them a police car and weapons seized from the guards.

It's fairly obvious what's in the future. There have been a number of assaults on Iraqi prisons lately with the goal of freeing Sunni jihadis locked up by the present Shi'ite dominated Iraqi regime.

In spite of our promises to the Awakening Movement, the Sunni tribesmen who fought al Qaeda with us, Iraq's Sunnis have been marginalized and treated as secodn class citizens by the newly ascendent Shi'ites, who are in th eprocess of turning Iraq into an Iranian Shi'ite satellite.

The last election, which was essentially stolen by Maliki and the Shi'ite bloc with the aid of Iranian proxy Moqtada al-Sadr, Sunnis in the military and police have largely been disarmed and dismissed from service, and the Sunni Vice President of Iraq, th ehighestr ranking Sunni in Iraq has fled the country and is under a death sentence by the Maliki regime on trumped up charges

Al-Qaeda's resurgence in Iraq is no accident. They are gearing up for a renewed civil war.

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