Thursday, September 20, 2012

Murdered Ambassador Said He Was On An Al-Qaeda Hit List

I guess that means they weren't protesting some stupid video, as we were told.

Even Matt Olsen, the Obama Administration's director of the National Counterterrorism Center, admitted Wednesday at a hearing of the Senate Homeland Security Committee that what happened in Benghazi was a terrorist attack. In other words, we have been lied to by the entire administration from the president on down that this was a 'spontaneous protest' over some poorly produced YouTube trailer.

Which leads to yet another question..if the Ambassador was on an al-Qaeda hit list, why was he sent to a location where the security consisted of one locked door and some Libyan Security guards who not only melted away when the attack came but fingered the safe house where the Americans were taken for the mob? Why was there no American security present?

As Senator McCain says later in the video, this was a colossal intelligence failure and yet another major foreign policy error on the part of the Obama Administration. It will take a congressional investigation to at least attempt to cut through the tissue of lies and distortions we've been presented with on this.


B.Poster said...

Since I already know which of the major candidates for POTUS I'm not voting for and have been rather busy of late, I've tried a bit of an experiment. I wanted to find out what I would think if I only relied on the sound bits put forth by the news media.

When the news of our embassies being attacked broke, it simply did not pass the smell test. All of these attacks being spontaneos results of an obscure film just doe snot jibe. The attakcs were simply to well cordinated and in to many diverse locations at the same tome to be spontanious. If most Americans actually believed something that crazy, we are truly in worse straits than I ever could have imagined.

The fact that the Obama adiminstration believed this suggests, as I've long suspected, these are men and women who allow emotions and ideology to rule their decition making rather than an honest analysis of the facts at hand. These are not good qualities for a leader to possess. Such people are not qualified to lead a group of three on a high school project. Furthermore such people could never progess beyond entry level positons in the private sector where the need to make a profit or at the very least not lose make money tends to keep ideology in check. Alas, we have such people in important government positons!!

In 2008 the only logical reason I could think of to vote for Mr. Obama was our image in the world was in tatters after Mr. Bush left office and Mr. Obama suggested a different approach to go about reparing this. Now our image is even worse or so it appears so!! There went the only logical reason one might have legitimately hda to vote for Mr. Obama.

There are a number of problems that need to be addressed. As long as our image is in tatters and we remain the most despised nation on earth, we simply are not going to be able to get the assistance we are going to need. As such, addressing this problem needs to be a top priority for America's leaders.

Clearly Mr. Obama is not currently up to this task. Eitehr he needs to change course or new leaderhsip is needed. From observing the current POTUS, a change in course does not seem likely. As such, the best chance for changes seem to lie in electing new leadership.

Bourbon said...

Dare I say it?

Jimmy Carter 2.0