Wednesday, September 19, 2012

'Complete' Romney Video: "Missing Two Minutes"

What do you appears that the video David Corn and Mother Jones released as 'complete ' really isn't. Mother Jones released what was described as the “full,” “raw and uncut” video, and it's anything but.

Corn, busted by both and Glenn Beck's The Blaze admit the gap exists. And just as a coincidence, the gap comes right after his remark about the 47 per cent of Americans who don't pay taxes..exactly when you would expect Romney to qualify and expand his remarks.

 Of course, the far left David Corn would never deliberately edit that video for partisan purposes, right? Would he ever. Fifteen missing seconds was all it took from Shirley Sherrod's speech to make her turn from a correctly concerned public servant into a blatant racist.

Michelle Malkin puts this entire nonsense into perspective as usual. It's just another attempt by the Obama campaign to distract from his abysmal record by shouting 'look, a squirrel!' UPDATE: Kevin at Not Yet Europe makes a compelling case that the gap was deliberate, and done in post production prior to the video being released.


louielouie said...

..exactly when you would expect Romney to qualify and expand his remarks.

here's a question.
what about the video needs be qualified or expanded on?
he made a simple statement of fact.
that's why the marxist's heads are exploding.
short sweet and to the point.
it's been so ****ing long since that has happened in politics no one recognizes it for what it is.
if that anon 8888head checks into this thread, i have a video of romney on the grassy knoll.

Anonymous said...

If it were even possible to 'qualify and expand' comments about not caring about 47% of Americans who you consider to be not taking responsibility for their own lives, I'd love to hear it. Romney had the chance to 'qualify and expand' the other night at his weird press conference, but he just showed up with bed-head and flop sweat. By all means, let him 'qualify and expand'. This guy is comedy gold.

I'm just amazed that you think that that line of argument will even work. Good luck with that.

Rob said...

Well Anonymous,
First of all, that's not what he said, if you actually look at the transcript of the part of the edited video we were allowed to see.And of course, we'll never know what the Governor said, will we? It only took 15 seconds to make Shirley Sherrod seem like a racist. This is TWO MINUTES.

Second, while I appreciate your need to spin this, most people didn't see Romney's demeanor at his press conference anything like you did, unless they, like you, have a partisan agenda.

In fact according to one poll, 75% of Americans agree with what he had to say.

And finally - here's the real comedy gold - the Obama campaign had to release this now rather than in October because their own polls indicate that things are not moving their way, and especially because they desperately needed a distraction from the dismal jobs numbers, Obama's failures on the economy and unforced errors in the Middle East and the new Fast and Furious report that just came out today.

'Look, a squirrel' works to distract people temporarily, but as I pointed out a lot of that 47% isn't going to identify themselves either as non-contributing or as Obama voters. This will just be another talking point in a few weeks.

We'll see in November, won't we Chuckles?

louielouie said...

about not caring about 47% of Americans who you

sandra fluke?
is that you?
that's not what he said.
ff said it better.
i'll just state the obvious.
you are a liar.