Thursday, September 27, 2012

Police Bust Ends ‘Free Sex After Nine Car Washes’ Promotion!!


Ah, enterprise takes it on the chin again...

It's a classic business tactic to increase sales. You offer something special to increase customer loyalty and leep 'em coming back.

In this case, you had a car wash that teamed up with a massage parlor to offer a unique proposition - free sex with the tenth wash. Th ecar wash promoted the massage parlor and told its customers abiout the promotion. At the massage parlor end, customers who visited the girls for a massage and and other extra services  received loyalty cards and a referral to the car wash. You have to admit, it's a step up from  "free car wash with oil change'.

For three months, it worked like a charm. But then the police  got suspicious after they found some of the loyalty cards. And then they noticed the some of the same cars repeatedly re-entering the car wash....

So  the cops moved in, raided the massage parlor, arrested nine women  and closed the massage parlor part of the partnership down.  I guess you could say they were a victim of too much success. Or something.

Unfortunately, I have to predict that this particular car wash will now see a decrease in sales.To say the least.

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