Thursday, September 20, 2012

Kato Kaelin: "Yes, OJ Did It"


Fame is a very weird bitch goddess. And an addicting one.

Back in the mid-1990'sAmerica was enthralled by a celebrity double murder, the slaying of OJ Simpson's ex-wife Nicole Brown and one Ron Goldman, who was probably just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

One of the 'celebrities' who was created during the resulting media frenzy of the trial was one Brian 'Kato' Kaelin, who had an ill defined role in OJ Simpson's entourage as live in gofer, freeloader and court jester.

As someone whom was with OJ Simpson on the day of the murder and who was in Simpson's mansion on the night in question, Kaelin was naturally called as a witness for the prosecution when Simpson was tried for the slayings. His testimony was so non-committal, evasive and furtive that the prosecution actually had him declared a hostile witness.

But that 15 minutes of fame led to a couple of minor movie parts and brief stabs at a career in TV and talk radio, all of which flopped.

But the jones for that sultry bitch goddess needs to be fed ( and so does Kaelin's wallet) so out comes an interview with the New York Post:

Ask Kaelin today, this very minute, if O.J. — currently jailed in Vegas on a separate charge — killed his wife, and I repeat his exact words:

“The statute of limitations has now passed . . . so I can now say . . . yes, he did it.”

Why didn’t he come forward and tell the truth? Ask why he let O.J. Simpson get away with murder, and I repeat his exact words:

“I was too scared. I was terrified.”

 He says: “People hated me. I’ve been spat upon. They threw gum in my coffee.”

Kaelin probably got a letter or two from someone's lawyer, because he promptly walked this back, now saying he only thinks O.J. Simpson did the killings and does not have specific knowledge. As if OJ, who among his other attributes was not stupid would have confided in someone like Kato.

But you know, Kato made a little cash and got noticed.And that was what this was all about.

I used to see a lot of people like Kato back in my music biz days.They'd arrive in Hollywood from the Great Elsewhere, usually women but men as well wanting above all to get noticed, because they'd seen other make careers out of being famous for being famous and were willing to do almost anything to get a piece of it themselves. Sometime one or two would get lucky but usually, they ended up just getting used and recycled through the system with all that implies.

Kato Kaelin can at least be glad he got a little taste of the apple, no matter how rancid.

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louielouie said...

yes, i know who was a friend of oj's and a member of his defense team.

what i get from this is, kato was a kardashian before kardashians were kardashians.