Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Not Pretty: Sen.Schumer Forced To Deal With The Democrat's Anti-Israel Stance

This is, in a word, embarrassing.

Whatever else one might say about Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) he has always been a reliable pro-Israel voice in Congress. Here's on CBS news, he's confronted by questions about exactly why the Democrats removed virtually all the pro-Israel language from the new 2012 Democrat Party platform that was in the 2008 platform...and in particular, the language about Jerusalem being Israel's undivided capital.

At first, Schumer tries to spin his way out of it, saying that most Democrats hold that position but the interviewers aren't deterred and remind him that this isn't what the party platform says.He responds by saying that an undivided Jerusalem as Israel's capitol is his position and has been for over twenty years, which is true, but of course doesn't answer the question in the slightest.

As a final shot, the interviewers asked him if he knows what President Obama's position on the issue is, and Schumer was forced to reply that he didn't know.

Actually, I'd bet my dollar to your dime that Senator Schumer, a well connected and important party member knows exactly what President Barack Obama's position is.

I would also bet money that Senator Schumer did his best to try and get the platform language on Israel modified and was out muscled by the president and his circle of advisers. And in fact, one of my sources told me that's exactly what happened.

You might recall that at the height of the Obama Administration's anti-Israel frenzy, it was Senator Schumer who unsuccessfully tried to moderate the Obama Administration's position, even to the point of breaking with the president publicly. Things have only gone from bad to worse in the two years since then.

The above video is poignant,because it shows a man trying to square the circle and defend the indefensible when he knows its impossible. Breaking with President Obama publicly over Israel is something he feels he can't do as a loyal party member with a tough election coming up, but to keep silent means betraying principles he's held all through his political life.

Deep inside, Senator Schumer knows that while individual Democrats like himself might have a different view, the party's leadership is in control of the anti-Israel left, and will be for some time regardless of whether Barack Obama is re-elected. Especially if Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden is the nominee in 2016.

Like many others before him, Senator Schumer is faced with the fact that the party he's been loyal to all his life has moved beyond him and has left him behind.

Actually, that happened a long time ago, but recent events have simply made it more obvious and impossible to ignore.


louielouie said...

Like many others before him,

looking back, the more i analyze/realize, they did that to me also.
in 1966.
and the republicans in 1984.

louielouie said...

the two reporters had better have enjoyed their careers, because, as of this interview it is over.
just ask jarrett.