Thursday, September 27, 2012

"I'm Votin' Obama! He Gave Me A Phone!"

Um, yeah..Mitt Romney didn't know what he was talking about when he said people who are dependent on government for their goodies will vote for Obama regardless.."more food stamps, more ben-e-fitz.."

Of course, what none of these people are bothering to think about is where President Obama is getting the money. And it isn't from 'his personal stash.'

What happens if Barack Obama gets re-elected,  we become Greece and the freebies these people are accustomed to are no longer either affordable or available?

 (ht, Jammie Wearin' Fool)


Anonymous said...

I'm disappointed that you didn't post that stupid comment Obama made about windows on airplanes.

Oh, wait. Romney did that. Too bad. I'm sure you would have had something deliciously racist to say about it had it been Obama.

Rob said...

Aww, Anonymous. Are you feeling ok? Did you have a bad day?

Mitt Romney has flown for years. Everyone on the plane, even the press on board knew it was a joke on his part and laughed along...except the Soros media who ran with it.And you, of course.

I know many lefties are not noted for their sense of humor unless it involves a lot of four letter words and anger, so I'll excuse you.

BTW, just a thought...given that Obama's policies on employment,energy, the economy and illegal aliens are affecting black people so disproportionally, you might just want to watch whom you call a racist.

The majority of blacks that vote Obama may do so out of racial solidarity, force of habit, ignorance of facts or being bought off by what they think of as as 'free' like the people in these videos, but I see it as merely misinformation, mistaken projection and a colossal case of the Stockholm syndrome.

Buh bye, and have a better day!

louielouie said...

What happens if Barack Obama gets re-elected, we become Greece and the freebies these people are accustomed to are no longer either affordable or available?

you got your answer as to why all those gov't agencies are buying ammo by the billions.

Bourbon said...

ObamaPhooooooooone! (Not available in Oregon.)

Bourbon said...

OK, looked up Romney's (excuse me Rmoney's) Comments on airplane windows. This is the same thing the left did to Bushy, calling him stupid, etc. Then it turned out his grades were better than Mr. Catsup's...Heh...