Thursday, September 06, 2012

The Democrats Give A Convention Speaking Slot To An Illegal Alien

The Democrats gave a speaking slot at their convention to one Benita Veliz today, Yes, this marks the first time an openly declared illegal alien has ever appeared to speak at a convention fo rone of the major parties, a representative of an extremely vital constituency for them.She's a protege of Illinois Democrat Rep. Luis V. Gutierrez, who's pretty much the Democrat’s point man for amnestia.

In a pointed political appeal, Rep. Luis V. Gutierrez, the Illinois Democrat who has become his party’s de facto leader in pushing immigration reforms, said the fate of Ms. Veliz and a million other illegal immigrants rests on whether Mr. Obama gets re-elected.

“President Obama is protecting immigrants. Mitt Romney wants to send them back,” Mr. Gutierrez said. “This election will determine whether high school valedictorians, football team captains, and student council presidents will be treated with respect — or treated like suspects. Whether they reach their dreams, or whether Mitt Romney turns their dreams into nightmares.”

Let's chew on this a bit. Gutierrez is saying, in no uncertain terms, that President Obama's re-election rests on whether a group of non-citizens who, at least legally, aren't voters!

Of course, the truth is that a great many of them actually are, especially in Blue states like California that are essentially sanctuary states and have no photo ID or other laws that cut down on voter fraud. In a recent Colorado study, it was determined that at least 5,000 illegal aliens voted in 2010..not a huge amount, but enough to swing a state in a close election. And remember, that's just the ones they were able to find out about after the fact, in just one state.

The demonization of Republicans as being anti-minority is of course par for the course,but what's striking is that the Republicans not only have a lot more governors and Senators than the Democrats do but that the Hispanic Republicans overwhelmingly come across as self-made, self reliant and accomplished rather than people dependent on gerrymandered districts, group think, manufactured racial grievance or feeding at the government trough. Anyone who watched Marco Rubio, Susana Martinez or Ted Cruz at the Republican convention saw that. Without losing their identity or their roots, they have became part of America as a whole rather than part of a balkinized special interest group.

There's also the insulting assumption by the Democrats is that the vast majority of Hispanic citizens approve of the kind of casual breaking of our laws illegal aliens represent, and that they're too stupid to understand the effect massive illegal immigration has on things like employment, health care costs and massive deficits in state budgets.

Ms. Veliz was a beneficiary of the Obama Administration's enforcement of the DREAM act by executive diktat after it failed to go through Congress three times. In spite of being a non-citizen who was not here legally, she was able to benefit from in state tuition and financial aid thus taking these benefits away from a U.S. citizen or legal resident...who might very well have been Latino as well.

Not only that, but allowing virtual amnesty for a select group not only encourages further illegal immigration, but it is unfair to people who very much want to come to America from Europe, Africa or Asia but lack the proximity to just jump the border and thus get stuck having to play by the rules. Ask any U.S. citizen who marries a foreign spouse and tries to bring them home to America how that works out.

If the terms ' justice' and 'fairness' means anything, it means thye apply equally to everyoine, not just carefully selected groups.

What bothers me the most about this is that it was done not for the good of the country but for sheer political expediency by this president. As Marco Rubio showed us, there were many other ways the issue of children brought to America by illegal alien parents could have been handled.

When the DREAM act, which would have conferred a limited legal status on illegal aliens who were brought here as children was unable to pass congress in the form the Obama Administration wanted because the Administration refused any kind of compromise, racially oriented 'activists' like Rep. Gutierrez put major heat on the president, who for a long time said he lacked the power to act unilaterally.

Eighteen months after the last failure of the DREAM act, with his poll numbers heading south, the president somehow discovered that power, as if by magic.

Illegal aliens, felons and the important and necessary electorate the Democrats need to win elections. Which is why Obama's Department of Justice is fighting every single law designed to cull deceased people off the rolls and fight voter fraud tooth and nail.

At least the Democrats are being more open about it now and not pretending anymore.

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