Friday, September 28, 2012

Obama Continues To Align US With Islamists: Joint US-Egypt Naval War Games Scheduled

Here's yet another indication of President Obama's desire to create what he referred to in his own words as 'daylight' between America and Israel while embracing the Islamist regimes.

Never mind that Egypt just sacked our embassy while the Egyptian security personnel  looked the other way, none of the perpetrators were arrested and  and Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood President Mohammed Morsi didn't even bother to apologize for the incident for almost a week.

Our commander-in -chief has ordered our Navy to begin meeting to schedule war games with Egypt's navy:

Talks are under way between senior Navy officials and their counterparts in Cairo to begin conducting joint war games for the first time since Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi took power earlier this year. 

While bilateral discussions on the naval drills are still being discussed, the exercises would focus on improving Egypt's ability to deal with small boat attacks and general patrol operations of its coastal waters, Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Jonathan Greenert told reporters Thursday. 

In the near term, the Pentagon is laying out the conditions with the country's new military leaders to allow American warships to begin docking at Egyptian ports again, Greenert said during a speech at an Association of the U.S. Navy-sponsored event in Washington that same day.

In other words, not only is the US going to continue to supply Egypt with $1.5 billion in military aid, we're going to help train them how to use it.

Now, riddle me this...who is all this training and military aid to the Egyptian military ultimately targeted against? Who does the Islamist regime in Cairo consider to be its main enemy?  For which country has Egypt already set up a scenario for to declare their mutual   peace treaty null and void? When the Egyptian military performs its own war games, what country do they always designate as their enemy, treaty or no treaty?

You win the teddy bear if you guessed 'Israel'. And now you know what President Obama was talking about when he referred to Israel as merely 'one of our closest allies in the region.'.And one whose concern over Iran going nuclear is mere noise to him, an annoyance to be to be ignored.

Now the Islamist regimes like Egypt and Turkey...well, that's something different to this president. Those regimes and their whims and concerns  need to be appeased at all costs.

Which brings to mind another question. How can you call one country 'one of your closest allies in the region' while aligning yourself with it's enemies?

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