Thursday, September 13, 2012

FlashBack: Obama Used War Deaths For Political Points Without A Media Meltdown

If you remember, yesterday the media had a feeding frenzy over Mitt Romney's supposed use of the deaths of our embassy personnel in Libya 'for political gain'. The entire coordinated attack by the press-titutes on Governor Romney was almost completely about that.

As Ed Kilgore reminds us, we've had a situation before where a presidential candidate sought to use war deaths for his own political benefit....back in July of 2008, as shown above.

Needless to say, the medias saw nothing wrong with that back then.

Then, there was this instance, in the middle of the 2010 mid terms campaign, when President Obama blatantly used the bodies of 30 Americans killed in AfPak for a cynical political photo-op in defiance of both Department of Defense regulations and the wishes of the families of the deceased.

No one in the Obama Media said anything about that at the time either.

The lack of protection of our consulate in Libya and our embassies in Egypt, Tunisia, and Yemen on the anniversary of 9/11 as well as the diplomatic 'apology' in response that stood for nine hours before the Obama Administration realized it wasn't going down well with Americans is a perfectly legitimate issue for Mitt Romney and the electorate to address.

If the members of the Obama media want to blather on about it being inappropriate, first I want to hear them defend their obvious double journalists, not campaign operatives working under that label.

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