Sunday, September 30, 2012

California Bans All 'Ex-Gay' Therapy Designed To Change Sexual Orientation


California has set yet another interesting trend.

If you're a young person who discovers you have have homosexual tendencies, decide that's not what you want in life and want to seek counseling or therapy to help you towards eliminating those tendencies, you are now breaking the law. And so is anyone who provides that counseling.

 Governor Jerry Brown, after heavy lobbying from gay activist groups has just signed a bill outlawing any therapy or counseling for minors that attempts "to change behaviors or gender expressions, or to eliminate or reduce sexual or romantic attractions or feelings toward individuals of the same sex."

While the law  is targeted at mental health professionals, in practice under the new law, SB1172, even a young person seeking counseling from his rabbi, pastor, imam or priest on the matter of trying to give up  homosexuality is banned. That is, unless the cleric's response is to dissuade them from wanting to eschew homosexuality, hand them a rainbow sticker and  tell them to be proud to be gay!

Needless to say,  this isn't the sort of thing Governor Brown and his Democrat cohorts want to bother consulting the voters about.

The supposed rationale behind this law  is that there are supposedly thousands of gay teens being forcibly 'repaired' by religious wackos posing as therapists to give up homosexuality, and that  it may cause the teens psychological damage.

Needless to say, there are no actual figures on this, but I have no doubt that may have happened in a few cases and that gay rights groups have a couple of poster children  this happened to ready and waiting in the wings for the media. But instead of simply allowing the victims to sue the parties responsible and allow a court to decide as prescribed by existing law, the Governor and the California legislature  has decided to  simply take everyone's choice  away, satisfy the gay lobby, and keep those campaign contributions coming in.

One interesting question this raises. The Qu'ran is violently anti-gay, and alone among religious scriptures mandates the death penalty for homosexuals.Is California going to ban the Qu'ran, and legally sanction any imam who preaches or sermonizes on the topic of homosexuality? After all, religious ministry is definitely a form of counseling, and this would simply be a logical extension of this law.

Strange days indeed.


Anonymous said...

The Bible is also violently anti-gay. Maybe we can ban that piece of shit book too. Kudos, Governor Brown.

Rob said...

Lyin' Anonymous, and so early in the day?

I guess you got frustrated Saturday night.Tough luck.

I realize you have zero respect or acquaintance with scripture, and zero knowledge of the Qu'ran. But just for giggles look up the relevant portion of Leviticus.

While it says that for man to lay with man as with a woman is a sin and an abomination, it says nothing about killing them, and in fact, there's very few if any instances of that being done solely because someone was a homosexual.

Oh, I know, poster child Matthew Shepard. But that wasn't done legally or with any kind of religious sanctification and was just a couple of drunken yahoos acting out. Hey, I'm sure you identify with that state of mind!

The Qu'ran, on the other hand, says they should be 'killed cruelly' and advocates stoning them or pushing a wall over on them.And gays are being targeted and murdered all over the Muslim, today.

So if Jerry Brown wants to really make this law work, he's going to have to effectively ban the Qu'ran!

BTW, I'm glad you're so much in favor of taking away people's right to choose.Just don't whine if the pendulum swings and it happens to you, m'kay?

Have a nice Prozac day!

Unknown said...

So when will republicans work against gay bullying and gay teen suicides?

Homosexuality is identical to heterosexuality. Feeling uncomfortable with it is like being uncomfortable with the color of your skin.

Weaklings that want to comport with cultural norms because they can't accept themselves will have to wait until they're 18.

Your momz f said...

Anonymous, you are a gay liberal who hates himself, therefor you wish to put a ban on people's freedom in hopes no one will offend you. You are sick.

Black Conservative said...

Hey Unknown,
Since when is it your government's responsibility to make a special effort to combat bullying and teen suicide for one special group?

And how many gay teen suicides you think are directly due to bullying? Any facts and figures dawg?

What if some young underaged guy or girl accidentally gets roped into a gay relationship by an older homosexual (and you know it happens all the time) realizes it's not what they wanted and wants some counseling to deal with it and go straight?

I guess they just have to live with it till they're 18 now. What kind of damage you think that does to them?

You and I know this is just about some politicians digging for campaign cash from the homosexuals in the entertainment biz.

And you know what else? I'm black, and it gets on my last nerve when gays use the civil rights struggle as a model or excuse. Seen any signs for gay only bathrooms, restaurants or drinking fountains?

Black folks have experienced all that shit, gays NEVER HAVE.

So be ashamed of yourself.

You're just like the Muslims, you want special rights and F**k everybody else's rights.