Monday, September 03, 2012

California: Bill Passed To 'Encourage' More Illegal Aliens To Pay Taxes

At this point, California's Democrat-dominated state government has gone beyond merely dysfunctional and now has become ludicrous.

A case in point was a bill recently passed by the state legislature calling for illegal aliens to join a program that would have them voluntarily pay state income taxes in exchange for the State of California asking the feds to put people in the program 'in the lowest tier of enforcement' :

Supporters say encouraging more illegal immigrants to pay taxes could generate more than $300 million annually, but the state Franchise Tax Board said the legislation would likely have no effect on state revenue.

Workers would need to apply to the state to be part of the five-year pilot program and meet certain criteria, including not having any felony convictions, learning English and living in California at least since 2008.

In exchange for filing and paying the taxes they owe, California would ask the federal government to put them in the lowest tier of immigration enforcement. The program would not launch if federal officials disagreed.

"The bill attempts to ask the federal government to recognize these most desirable ... and identify them as the lowest tier of prosecution. No more, no less," said Assemblyman Felipe Fuentes, D-Sylmar.

In reality, passing this reveals that the state legislature thinks illegal aliens are..well, as stupid as they are.

California is already a sanctuary state for illegal aliens, where law enforcement authorities and state and local officials are forbidden to co-operate with federal immigration authorities.

The state's privacy rules that prohibit state, county and municipal agencies from cross checking data with each other ensures that illegal aliens (or pretty much anyone else) can qualify easily to double and triple dip on various programs like food stamps, welfare, Medical, section 8 housing subsidies, unemployment benefits, AFDC and other benefits at the same time while working off the books on the side.

California is on the verge of allowing illegal aliens to obtain driver's licenses indistinguishable from licenses provided to citizens, so registering to vote will be no problem for those that aren't already on the rolls. There's no photo ID requirement anyway. And in fact, speaking of photo IDs, most places that require them like banks, check cashing establishments and those aforementioned government agencies already de facto accept matricular consular cards issued by the plethora of Mexican consulates here as legitimate photo IDs, and I can verify that anyone who speaks some Spanish and is willing to slip the right Mexican consulate employee a few dollars under the table can get one in any name they like.

Illegal aliens in California already get preference as residents and in-state tuition rates at California's publicly funded universities, which means that an illegal alien living in Los Angeles who goes to UCLA will obtain a place ahead of a black, Hispanic or Asian student from say, Texas or Arizona. And at a cheaper tuition rate.

In short, there's little or no advantage here in California to being 'legal' , and no real reason for an illegal alien with the common sense G-d gave a goat to register for a program that is going to make him or her pay taxes they now avoid in exchange for maybe being put in that lowest tier of enforcement. Given the realities of California's policies, most illegal aliens are already there anyway.

Yet, the state legislature of California who get paid to govern actually wasted time on this nonsense, which Governor Brown will almost certainly sign.

Definitively past dysfunctional and well on the way to ludicrous.

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