Friday, September 07, 2012

Michelle: 'Give Up A Meal So You Can Donate That Money To Barack's Campaign'

No, I do not jest.

Ann Althouse received a fundraiser from Michelle Obama suggesting exactly that. The First Lady wants you to send the money to Barack Obama rather than spend it on that calorie-laden garbage you call food.

After all, someone has to pay for the president's favorite $110 per pound wagyu stake, the White House parties, those 18 5 star vacations the First Lady has taken on the taxpayer's dime,her huge entourage, that cute lil' $4,500 designer dress custom made for her convention speech - not to mention the $540 tennis shoes that went with it.

And that someone is suckers like you, of course.

Even a leftie like Eleanor Roosevelt never behaved in this fashion when she was in the White House and the American people were suffering, let alone had the gall to ask them to donate food money to her husband's campaign.

To quote the First Lady, America may be a downright mean country, but the Obamas seem to have done pretty well out of it.

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UCSPanther said...

I have a lot more respect for Eleanor Roosevelt than I do for Michelle Obama.