Monday, September 10, 2012

Rep. Col. Alan West Destroys Obama In This Speech

"Take your traveling roadshow somewhere else, but don't bring it back to Florida."

Absolutely wonderful.listen to the whole thing.


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B.Poster said...

Good speech. While short on specifics on how to actually address the problems the nation faces, it contains a great deal of "red meat." Hopefully it will fire up the base, so to speak. Of course I'm not sure how you actually address problems as complex as those that face America in a 10 minute speech. None the less, I think he's spot on.

Of particular interest he points out that a Russian military sub was operating in the Gulf of Mexico for two months without being detected. Russian military subs carry tremendous fire power and intellegence gathering capabilities. If we had tried something like this, that close to Russian territory, the media around the world as well as the Russian government and most governments would howl with rage against us. Yet when Russia does this our government and the international community are silent.

Also, the military base Russia is going to put in Cuba probably will not be the limited capabilities that are only barely adequate for defensive purposes that the media constantly howls about that NATO and the US have in former Eastern Bloc countries. These will have tremendous offensive capabilities. Since there is no possibility of the US attacking Cuba and sanctions against Cuba are meaningless and are not being enforced any way, why does Cuba need a Russian military base? If the US were to consider attacking Cuba, the international community would never allow it. There woudl be massive sanctions against the US and its interests alll accross the world, as well a robust international force to halt US actions. As such, a military base like this seems unneccessay and the only useful purpose of this seems to be to launch an attack on the United States.

Even if we do get a change in leadership, how is this going to help change the fact that our military leaders are complete idiots. It is bad enough that they will not assist Israel in its preparations to deal with Iran but they are actively trying to undermine Israeli efforts. Not only this but they have the stupidity to think that the US military can do more damage to the Iranian nuclear program than the IDF can.

This is incorrect and it follows a time honored tradition on the part of American leadership of underestimating the capability of enemies and over estimating our capabilities. The tuth is the Israelis are much better trained and much better led with better intellegence and they possess the equipment and man power that is not worn down form over use over the last few years. As such, they are in a much better position to handle this than the Americans are.

It seems the American military has decided to make Israel an enemy. With as many enemies as we have, it seems quite breath takingly stupid on their part to go out of their way to make another. I've long since suspected that the US military needs to be restructured with new leaderhsip. These actions confirm that suspicion.

As a starting point, the incompetent CIA should be dismantled in its entirity. We can enlist help of allies to help us constuct competent intellgence services. Additionaly, all general, admirals, etc whose rank is above a two star should be terminated forthwith. The US arned forces essentially need to be rebuilt. Perhaps we can enlis the help of allies to assist us in this area. That is assuming we have any left.

Essentially fixing these problems with the military, the intellegence services, and the state department go WAY BEYOND a mere change in who the POTUS is. As the State Dept handles much of our diplomacy and has repeatedly demonstrated incompetence, it is going to need to be dismantled as well. And this does not even begin to address the economic issues faced by the country.

Anonymous said...

The submarine story is bunk, about as credible as an Alex Jones broadcast. Or about as credulous as West's claims that there are 80 communists in congress.

There's a good reason that the republicans wouldn't let this crackpot anywhere near their convention.

Rob said...

Yeah, it sure is. Just a figment of someone's imagination.

Of course, longtime military analyst Bill Gertz, Senator Cornyn and the other members of the Senate Armed Services Committee are all crackpots to. So is Putin, who sees how weak and incompetent the Obama Administration is, and who's now talking openly about putting a Russian Naval base in Cuba again.

As for his take on commies, I think most of the members of Congress whom belong to the Democratic Socialists of America qualify amply, based on their statements, their associations and their voting records.

So would the majority of Americans.


B.Poster said...


"There's a good reason the Republicans won't let thsi crackpot near their convention." Actually they like you prefer to live in a world of make believe where national security threats to America can either be ignored or solved by some American concession.

Givenn that you and much of American leadership prefer to think in this manner of denying reality, flipaantly dismissing things such as this as "bunk" with no further thought or analysis will, at best, cause millions of our people to die. At worst, it will mean the end of our nation.

Senator Cornyn and others are acting prudently to demand a complete explanation of this. At least we still have a few serious people in leadership positions. Unfortunately most of our media is not serious or the side with Russia almost instinctively.

Perhaps, just perhaps, if our military were properly deployed along our borders and off the coasts we might have been able to detect this sooner and maybe even prevent the Russians from doing this in the first place. At the very least, it seems likely we could have detected the sub sooner. Of course our technology is inferior to this so its hard to know just how much it would have helped to be properly deployed. At least a proper deployment of our forces would give us a fighting chance of defending our country. Knee jerk dismissing of the these things as bunk is very unhelpful to say the least.