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Are The Palestinians Educating Their Children for Peace? Nope!

Still crazy after all these years...

The original Oslo agreements were based on the 'land for peace' formula and in exchange for the land given to them by Israel, Arafat and the Palestinians agreed to renounce violence and terrorism, recognize Israel's right to exist and refrain from incitement, which specifically included educating the Palestinian people for peace.The Roadmap supposedly reaffirmed these commitments.

Obviously Arafat and Fatah never seriously intended abiding by any of this, and certainly Hamas has no intention of doing so after taking over Gaza. But what about the new, improved Palestinian Authority? Is the PA now educating its children to coexist peacefully with Israel?

Surely you joke, saddiq!

In the Jerusalem Post of Feb 2, 2010 Ben Hartman reported that the British taxpayer watchdog group Taxpayer Alliance published two detailed examinations of how EU foreign aid was being used by the PA to promulgate anti-Israel and anti-Semitic narratives in Palestinian Authority schools.

The reports, “Palestinian Hate Education Since Annapolis” and “Funding Hate Education,” show how the PA is sponsoring what the Taxpayers’ Alliance refers to as a campaign of “demonizing Israel” with the aid of EU funds.

Here are a few details on what they found:

Israel does not appear on any maps of the world in the new PA textbooks, while maps of Israel replace the name Israel with Palestine in all of the new Palestinian Authority school books.

The new Palestinian school books “annex” sites in Israel to Palestine...“Haifa is a Palestinian seaport,” (p. 7) (Lughatuna al-Jamila (Our Beautiful Language) Vol. 2, 5th grade textbook, p. 86). “Galilee, Nazareth and Beit She’an are regions in Palestine,” (p. 7) (Al-Iqtisad al-Manzili (Home Economy), 10th grade textbook, pp. 36-37).

The new Palestinian school books mention Israel only as an enemy, in reference to “occupation of lands” in 1948 and 1967: “There is no doubt that the Israeli occupation has a negative impact on [Palestinian] agriculture and its export,” (p. 8) (Lughatuna al-Jamila (Our Beautiful Language) Vol. 1, 10th grade textbook, p. 102).

The new Palestinian school books present Zionism only as an enemy movement: “The Palestinian people are under an oppressive siege, limiting their movement and way of life,” (p. 9) (Al-Tarbiyah al-Islamiyyah (Islamic Education), Vol. 1, 5th grade textbook, p. 49). Accusation against settlements [from 1948!] of damaging water sources “the influence of settlement on sources of water in Palestine,” (p. 9) (Ulum al-Sihha wal-B’ia (Health and Environmental Sciences), 10th grade textbook, p. 122)....“The Palestinian family has problems … stemming from the occupation … it loses father, mother or son to death or imprisonment … endures the difficulties of life …,” (p. 11) (Al-Tarbiyah al-Wataniyya (National Education), 5th grade textbook, p. 23).

The new Palestinian school books teach that the only ancient inhabitants of Israel were Arabs, ignoring any ancient Jewish presence:“Concentrated … in the land of Al-Sham [Greater Syria] … was the culture of the Canaanite and Aramaic peoples who migrated there from the Arab peninsula,” (p.14-15) (Tarikh al-Hadarat al-Qadima (History of Ancient Civilizations), 5th grade textbook, Foreword).

The new Palestinian school books teach that Palestinians must use war and violence — especially martyrdom — to accomplish their goals: The heroic mother, “who incessantly presents one sacrifice [fida'] after another.” (Lughatuna al-Jamila (Our Beautiful Language), Vol 2, 5th grade textbook, p. 31).

“The warrior goes to war faced with one of the good options: victory or martyrdom in battle for the sake of Allah.” (Ibid. Vol. 1, 5th grade textbook, p. 70).

“Allah gave the people of this land (Al-Sham and Palestine) an important task: they must stand on the forefront of the Muslim campaign against their enemies, and only if they fulfill their duty to their religion, nation, and land will they be rewarded as stated in the scriptures.” (Al-Tarbiya al-Islamiyyah (Islamic Education), Vol 2, 10th grade textbook, p. 50).

Of course the EU doesn't bear total responsibility. Last October, USAID ponied up almost $65 million in aid for the Palestinian occupied areas in Judea and Samaria (AKA the West Bank), on top of another $200 million last June. That money included funds to construct four new schools, as well as a number of 'public works' projects...most of whom were named to honor PLO terrorists.

And none of this takes into consideration what's being taught to Palestinian youth in their mosques, media and those famous PLO 'summer camps'.

Or by their leadership's example.

On Christmas Eve, December 24, Rabbi Meir Chai (HY"D), who left a wife and seven children including a two-month-old was brutally murdered by Palestinian terrorists as he driving along Route 57, between the Samaria communities of Shavei Shomron and Einav.The killing came a scant week after the IDF removed a security checkpoint in the area at the request of the Obama Administration as a gesture to Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas, even though the residents begged them not to.

Fatah's al-Aksa Martyr's Brigade took credit for murdering this unarmed Rabbi.

Three days later, the IDF found out who the actual killers were, and when the Palestinian security forces refused to arrest them the IDF went in and ended up killing all three of the murderers when they refused to surrender.

As it turned out, all three of the killers were long-time members of the Al-Aksa Martyr's Brigade and thus on the Fatah payroll.

The Palestinian response to what happened was not even a pro-forma condemnation of the murder of Rabbi Chai, but to portray the killers as Palestinian heroes and Shahids- holy Martyrs - while describing Israel's response as "murder in cold blood" and "assassination."

Want to know the real problem with Middle East peace? It's the refusal of the Arabs to live next to Jews in peace and equality. And that attitude starts with the sort of 'education' they receive.

Change that, and there might be a decent chance for peace. Just maybe.

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately this is all nothing new. It's sad really that another generation of Palestinian children are being destroyed by their parents. Golda Meir said that there wil be peace when the Arabs love their children more than they hate us. Still where is the condemnation of the world? But I guess its ok to hate Jews in this day and age. It's hip and cool once again.

Rosey said...

It's sad that average Americans and people around the world don't know this stuff. The press obviously doesn't care (due to widespread Jew hatred) or they might write about it. Don't hold your breath. Or delude yourself about "Peace in the Middle East" or a two state solution...

B.Poster said...

When Mr. Obama or a memeber of his team asked the Israelis or told them to remove the security check point, the Israeli government should have simply said "no" and not done it. Most nations take steps to defend themselves from invaders. Why would we not expect Israelis to do the same?

Hebrew Scholar said...

Unfortunately, Palestinians are a completely dysfunctional people who glory in death and killing. They caused civil war in Jordan before the late King Hussein expelled them; they then migrated to Lebanon before causing the Lebanese civil war within a few years, and they glory in killing and death, of themselves, Israelis, and other Muslims (Hamas vs. Fatah).