Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Obama To America: 'You'll Take ObamaCare And Like It'

As I predicted, Prez Zero decided to pull the trigger today on using the nuclear option to push through ObamaCare.

He essentially told his fellow Americans to take it and like it, using one the more flagrantly dishonest speeches in his career, complete with the white coat props.

He lied about ObamaCare paying for itself...there's at least a $2.5 billion shortfall that's going to be made up by heavy taxes on the middle class.And his cost estimates of $950 billion are sheer fantasy, especially since illegal aliens will be covered,

He also lied about the use of the reconciliation precedent. Not one of the bills he mentioned passed without significant bi-partisan support, whether it was welfare reform in 1996 ( passed by 78 votes, including Joe Biden and half the democrat caucus,S-Chip, the children's health program in 1997 ( almost a dozen Republican votes), the Balanced Budget Act of 1997 (85-15, including 43 Republicans) or George W. Bush's tax cuts, which were endorsed by 12 Senate Democrats.

Not only that, but these were budgetary measures,not federal control of one sixth of the US economy. And none of these bills had anything like the opposition ObamaCare has.

He also blatantly lied about his ObamaCare proposal including 'most of the proposals from the other side of the aisle.'

This particular fairy tale comes in two parts - first, because in order to pass Obamacare and get it on the reconciliation table, the House will have to pass the deeply flawed Baucus Senate bill first. And second, because Obama's supposed 'bipartisan' proposal - funding $50 million of 'research' on medical malpractice reform instead of actual tort reform - were never advanced by Republicans, and other common sense proposals like allowing Americans to shop across state lines for insurance or import cheaper generic drugs from Canada were never even considered. President Obama apparently intends on keeping that part of his deal with Big Pharma.

Oh, and then there's this one : "My proposal also gets rid of many of the provisions that had no place in health care reform -- provisions that were more about winning individual votes in Congress than improving health care for all Americans."

Yet Mary Landrieu's $300 mil 'Louisiana Purchase' is still there.And even as I write this, Obama is busily involved in shelling out the bribes to get the votes he's going to need.

Like I said, you can always tell when Obama's lying. Just look and see..are his lips moving?

The goal here for Obama and his allies is to raise taxes while controlling the nation's healthcare, one sixth of the economy. It's the camel's nose in the tent for government-run healthcare, since it will ultimately either drive America's private insurer's out of business or bring them under the government's thumb ala' GM.

What Obama and his minions are counting on is shoving this through now even though the American people overwhelmingly oppose it. They want to get this monstrosity so deeply embedded that it will be as difficult as possible to repeal later.

Obama wants this not as a political victory, but as a way to fundamentally remake America in his image and he is even willing to destroy his own party to do it. I didn't think much of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConell's response, but he had this right. While the Democrats may think that by voting for this, they are putting the issue behind them, the reality is that they are putting the issue in front of them, to be resurrected by every Republican candidate nationwide.

We are dealing with ideologues here, not rational actors.

And if you thought the partisan wars in DC were bad before, just wait and see what happens if Obama gets his way and pushes this through.

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Anonymous said...

I bet, deep down, you don't like Obama because he's black.

You're a racist human hating fuck. You won't publish this but hopefully you'll read it. God truly hates you, I hope you know that. Anyone with so much hate in his or her own heart is an enemy of God.

This is why I hope there is a God. Just so you get sent to an evil place for your bile.

As a Jew, I am disgusted to have people like you representing my religion.

Freedom Fighter said...

I like this one, because of what it reveals about you, 'anonymous'.

Here you are willing to toss accusations of ra-aa-aa-cism at me while knowing absolutely nothing about who I am, my associations, my friends or my past. That makes you a FOOL.And a libelous one, truth to tell.

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We already know from your cute little missive that you're not sure G-d exists, so I doubt you've had any conversations with Him lately to find out he 'hates' me.

I also doubt that you daven , keep Kosher, observe the Sabbath or are involved in many other aspects of Jewish life either.

Because, 'anonymous' your real religion is leftism, not Judaism.

I could forgive a lack of observance easily,since we all see these matters differently but not the worship of a president seemingly dedicated to destroying and disrespecting Israel.

That makes you a slimy, self-hating TRAITOR, in addition to your other notable attributes.

See how much you can learn about a person from just a few lines?