Thursday, March 25, 2010

Threats, Lies And Democrat Strategy

The latest meme in the dinosaur media since Obamacare passed is that the racist, violent tea baggers are screaming the n-word and other epithets at Democrat Congressmen, threatening violence and 'poisoning the discourse'. This is coupled with demands from the Democrats that the GOP, whom they accuse of orchestrating this activity issue condemnations and promptly cease and desist.

This is not only horse manure on a grand scale but Democrat strategy that was planned about even before Obamacare passed.

The Democrats were fully aware that ObamaCare was rabidly unpopular with the American people, and decided that the best way to take the spotlight off that (aside from bogus skewed polls) was to rely on a tried and true tactic - the race card and identity politics, publicized by their allies in the media.

The first step was for Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats to take a provocative walk right through the protesters in DC, hoping that out the huge crowd one or two people might lose it and give them some 'hate speech' to work with:

To that end, a number of Democrats were videotaping the entire proceedings, including Democrat Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr.

Of course, actual hate speech wasn't really just would have been a nice bonus if it happened.

Shortly afterwards, stories surfaced that those pinnacles of veracity, members of the Congressional Black Caucus John Lewis (D-GA.) and Andre Carson (D-Ind.) were subjected to the n-word by angry tea partyers. Funny thing though...the only people whose word we have for the racial slurs are Lewis and Carson. Nobody else even heard it, in that big crowd with all the media present...and the Democrats have absolutely no video evidence that it happened, or you know they would have had it all over the net by now.

But hey, CNN and MSNBC picked it up so it must be true, right?

Now the Democrats are upping the ante, claiming that GOP inspired violence has resulted in death threats, including a coffin allegedly left 'near one Congressman's home' and a number of supposedly threatening calls.

My, my. Have the Democrats forgotten how loudly they cheered when Barack Hussein Obama told them to 'get in people's faces' to advocate for him and his policies?

I've got news for you - it is the Left that wrote the book on political violence and terrorism. Whether it's petty vandalism like keying people's cars, slashing tires or trashing campaign offices or bigger stuff like blowing up the Pentagon, harassing military recruiters and their offices, taunting wounded veterans, supporting anti-Semitic terrorist groups, unleashing union thugs to beat and intimidate political opponents or initiating violent riots whenever the mood strikes them in the name of 'dissent', political violence and terrorism are the Left's stock in trade. Just watch what happens the next time the WTO tries to meet somewhere.

Ever see the Democrats 'condemning' any of this stuff? They have a nerve pointing a finger at anyone else, even if what they're alleging was true.

And speaking of anti-Semitism, GOP Congressman Eric Cantor revealed to today that a bullet was fired through his office window, along with a lot of threatening e-mails....something he revealed today as a way of accusing the Donkeys of deliberately ramping up things and poisoning the political water by inflating a bunch of supposed incidents.

I wonder...could the DNC's history of Jew baiting where Cantor is concerned have something to do with the attacks and threats on his office? Just maybe?

The Left needs to man up. They made a decision to put their poisonous agenda ahead what was good for the country or what the American people wanted. Now they own it, and they can deal with the fallout.

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louielouie said...

The Left needs to man up.

there is a blog i go to.
quite often.
the blog administrator often uses a phrase when sarcasm is the only thing that applies.
i will repeat it here as it applies.
yeah, good luck with that.