Thursday, March 18, 2010

Dems Vote To Implement Slaughter Solution 222 - 203

The Democrats just successfully voted to allow Nancy Pelosi to urinate on Article I of the Constitution and use the Slaughter Solution to 'deem' ObamaCare passed without an actual roll call or vote.

In other words, the fix is in.

The rollcall of Jackasses who voted for this travesty is here:

And courtesy of the NRO's Jim Geraughty,here's a list of highly vulnerable Dems that need to be punished for going along with this and thus violating their oath:

* Jason Altmire, Pennsylvania.
* John Barrow, Georgia.
* John Boccieri, Ohio.
* Allen Boyd, Florida.
* Leonard Boswell, Iowa.
* Gerry Connolly, Virginia.
* Steve Driehaus, Ohio.
* Joe Donnelly, Indiana.
* Brad Ellsworth, Indiana.
* Baron Hill, Indiana.
* Marcy Kaptur, Ohio.
* Dan Maffei, New York.
* Jim Marshall, Georgia.
* Jim Matheson, Utah.
* Michael McMahon, New York.
* Betsy Markey, Colorado.
* Patrick Murphy, Pennsylvania.
* Earl Pomeroy, North Dakota.
* Nick Rahall, West Virginia.
* Mike Ross, Arkansas.
* Joe Sestak, Pennsylvania.
* Carol Shea Porter, New Hampshire.
* Ike Skelton, Missouri.
* Zach Space, Ohio.
* John Spratt, South Carolina.
* Charlie Wilson, Ohio.

This list does not count retirees.

I pretty much see this as the real vote on ObamaCare. and I note that John Boccieri, Joe Sestak and several other supposedly solid 'no' votes decided to go along with what amounts to a de facto vote for ObamaCare.

Perhaps Pelosi made a deal with some of them to support this so they would be spared an actual vote.

Either way, none of them deserve to be allowed into the halls of Congress in the gallery,let alone serve.

I think my previous prediction was pretty much accurate. Pelosi will avoid an actual vote and use the Slaughter Solution to get this to Obama to sign, after which he'll leave town to go hang out in Indonesia with his Muslim homies.

There will follow a number of procedural and court challenges that will keep this tied up for quite a while, but meantime Obama can claim a 'win' and move on from this poisonous turf to his next campaign..amnesty for illegal aliens, if I were to hazard a guess.

Now the real fight - the Court challenges, retaking Congress and repeal - begins.

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jamielandes said...

Ike Skelton is the problem. Vicky Hartzler is the solution! Donate today at

AWO said...

A travesty pure and simple. I feel sick to my stomach.

Isaac said...

Sorry you feel under the weather, but now you can have that looked at without going bankrupt.

Freedom Fighter said...

Are you serious Isaac?

After ObamaCare kicks in, the difficulty will be even getting in to SEE a doctor without waiting for months, let alone what it will cost the country.

Of course, if you're a senior, Faggedabboudit...$500 mill in medicare costs slashed not to save the program, but to pay for subsidies, special deals and entitlements in the bill. Can you say 'rationed care'?

This isn't a healthcare bill,'s a TAX bill.