Monday, March 08, 2010

Latest Dem Project - Taking Lessons On How To Sound Tough On National Security

It's no secret that the polling shows Americans trust Republicans on national security issues far more than Democrats.Rasmussen, for instance, shows a 47% to 37% margin

Your average human might just ponder that maybe it's the policies and some of the candidates espoused by the Democrats that need changing to improve their numbers in this area.

But not according to the Donkeys. They say what it takes is seminars to teach them 'nuancing' and how to talk tougher:

...House Democrats have asked Third Way, the centrist Democratic think tank, and California Rep. Jane Harman, a leader on intelligence issues in the House, to help lead training sessions on the issue.{...}

Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-Va.) attended one of Harman’s sessions when he was running for office in 2008. Now the president of the Democratic freshman class, he helped lead a session for other Democrats late last month. He said his party has to “avoid the trap of looking soft and weak” and that “there are strong adverbs, adjectives and verbs as opposed to weak.”

One example he offered: “I’m going to fight for American interests abroad” as opposed to “I’m going to defend American values.”

“Not that one is better than the other, but in language, one is more assertive and one’s stronger, and that’s where we need to be. Words matter,” he said. “The other side has paid a lot of attention to which words do you want to use. Democrats don’t always take this seriously.”

The Politico would never mention it, but the fact that the Democrats are turning to Jane Harmon is deliciously ironic. Harmon, a fairly sane individual used to be the ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee and was slated to take over the Chair when the Donkeys got control of the House, a post for which she was eminently qualified.

Instead, Speaker Nancy Pelosi pushed her out ( they have a long-standing personal feud) and put Silvestre Reyes (d-TX) in the Chair, who knew so little about intel or foreign affairs that he failed a basic intel quiz with questions about al Qaeda and Hezbollah on it.

That's just one example of why most people who know something about the subject trust the average Dem far, far less that the GOP on this issue...not because of some juvenile chest pounding lessons!

And I won't even mention what's sitting in the White House these days:

“The fact that Democrats have to train their own candidates on how to talk about defending America is an indictment not just of their candidates but of their policies, as well,” said Ken Spain, communications director for the National Republican Congressional Committee. “Our candidates’ message is simple: Stop treating terrorists like common criminals, don’t import terrorists into our communities and listen to our military and intelligence officials instead of attacking them.”

Well said.

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B.Poster said...

"...don't import terrorists into our communities..." I like that. Now lets see some action. How about securing the borders and placing an indefinite moratorium on immigration from Middle Eastern Arabic countries. The fact that this isn't being done or being seriously proposed by either major party suggests to me that neither major party is serious about national defense.