Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Drink Up, Ladies! New Study: A Glass Of Wine A Day Keeps The Pounds Away

At least that's what the latest research indicates:

Researchers now say light to moderate drinking may keep women from gaining too much weight.

Normal-weight women who drank 5 to 30 grams of alcohol daily gained less weight and had a lower risk of becoming overweight or obese than either teetotalers or those who drank too much, according to a report in the March 8 Archives of Internal Medicine. {...}

The researchers found an inverse relationship between alcohol consumption and subsequent weight gain. "Weight gain was largest for women who did not consume alcohol and then monotonously decreased with increasing total alcohol intake," they wrote.

After taking into account many other variables, including nonalcohol caloric intake, physical activity, and other lifestyle factors, the relationship strengthened, with the risk of becoming overweight or obese diminishing as women drank more moderately.

Who says there ain't any good news?

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Right Truth said...

Yes, and as I told you drinking approximately 40 grams of alcohol is good for your heart and artery health, helps prevent strokes and heart attacks.

On the weight gain, it certainly depends on the kind of drink. If you drink alcohol by itself, that's one thing, but if you have mixed drinks using sugary mixers, FOR-GET-ABOUT-IT...

However, we use sugar-free mixers from So I'm relaxing and watching my girlish figure.

Right Truth

louielouie said...

it was nice of you to include photos of former girlfriends with your essay. won't you get in trouble for that?

Freedom Fighter said...

Actually, none of them were ex's although the middle picture definitely resembles one from the R&R days, and the bottom picture has a passing resemblance to one if she had chestnut hair and a slightly longer and more angular face.

Just a cowinky dink..

Rosey said...

Hate to put the kibosh on more junk science, especially with the pretty pictures, but an ounce of wine weighs 29 grams. So they are saying if you drink between an eyedropper-full and less than a shot glass of wine a day, you get health benefits? How was this study conducted?