Sunday, March 21, 2010

It's Official - Bart Stupak Caves For Worthless EO

@!!##! weasel.

This is probably what Pelosi and Obama need to shove this through the House:

The White House and anti-abortion Democrats have reached an agreement to defusethe controversy over abortion in the health reform bill – planning a series of steps that will secure the support of Rep. Bart Stupak (D-Mich.) and other Democrats to give party leaders the votes they need to pass reform, sources tell POLITICO.

Under the agreement, President Barack Obama would sign an executive order ensuring that no federal funding will go to pay for abortion under the health reform plans. In addition, Stupak will get to state his concerns about abortion funding in the bill during a colloquy on the House floor during the debate.

And then, Stupak and several other Democratic hold-outs over abortion will sign on to the bill, the sources said.

Just for the record the President can not rescind a law at the stroke of a pen, or deny someone or some organization federal monies they're entitled to by law.

This executive order might as well be written in disappearing ink.

As for Stupak...well, I suppose we'll find out what he got out of this later.I hope it was worth selling out his constituents, his country and his faith.

As I said, now the real struggle begins - in the Senate, in the courts and most importantly, at the ballot box.

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Anonymous said...

stupak is a worthless piece of dog doo. he will pay for that decision for the rest of his life on earth as well as the next life

A Conservative Teacher said...

If the bill provides taxpayer money for abortions, it doesn't matter what Obama's executive order says- the courts will find in favor of the legislation that Stupid supported, which allows unborn babies to be aborted with taxpayer money

ed waldo (Hart Williams) said...

Gotta be rough that he didn't behave like a Republican. Next time check the party registration before deciding whether somebody's a traitor.

Freedom Fighter said...

OK, Ed...according to what you've written here, all Democrats are not to trusted when it comes to:

*killing the unborn

*Keeping their word

*obeying federal laws ( the Hyde Amendment)

*representing their constituents and the will of the people

* honoring their oath to protect and defend the Constitution ( Stupak voted yesterday to allow Pelosi to implement the unconstitutional Slaughter Solution)

I'm not anywhere near that partisan, but maybe you're telling us something we need to remember come Election Day.