Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Stupidity From The Latest Mid East 'Expert' - Maureen Dowd !?!

Yes indeed...Modo hung out with the Saudis for a week, and she's now taken off her burka and is an Expert on all things Israel!:

So, Barack Obama can lose his temper without a teleprompter. And we have the supremely aggravating Bibi Netanyahu to thank for that.

On St. Patrick’s Day, of all days, we wouldn’t want to think that our president did not know how to pick his donnybrooks.{...}

Obama is so unpopular in Israel that he has nothing to lose by smacking our ally for its egregious treatment of the vice president. Joe Biden, the great champion of Israel, was humiliated when Israel used the occasion of his visit to defy America and announce a plan for 1,600 more homes in the disputed East Jerusalem area.

Can you stomach the stupidity and arrogance of this idiot? Did you ever wonder why Obama's so unpopular in Israel, Modo? You have to really go some to get down to 4%, and after this latest nonsense it may not even be that high. And calling Joe Biden, the 'great friend of Israel' who's consistently voted against any sanctions on Iran, wanted Israel sanctioned for taking out Saddam Hussein's nuclear reactor ( ultimately saving American lives in the Gulf War a decade later) and who famously pounded his fists on a desk while he tried to threaten Yitzak Shamir with a cut off of military sales? Him?

And you have to love the rhetoric on how Israel is 'defying America' by announcing what amounted to a local zoning plan. The reality is that the Obama Administration decided to defy yet another agreement with Israel - the major concession Netanyahu made to Obama but putting a temporary freeze in place in all of Judea and Samaria except Jerusalem, which no Israeli government has considered a 'disputed area for forty years. That especially applies to Ramat Shlomo a Jewish neighborhood in Jerusalem that no Israeli government ever considered 'disputed'..and no American administration either, until this one.

And as far as insults go, what about Obama's demands that Israel forbear seeking to protect it's religious shrines as part of its heritage?

But wait, there's more...

The president and his inner circle are appalled at Israel’s self-absorption and its failure to notice that America is not only protecting Israel from Iran, fighting wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, but also dealing with a miasma of horrible problems at home. And Israel insults the Obama administration over a domestic zoning issue that has nothing to do with its security?

America is protecting Israel from Iran, MoDo? Since when? Isn't it actually the reverse, with the Obama Administration complementing its non-policy on Iran by protecting the Islamic Republic and warning Israel constantly not to do anything about the mullahs and their genocidal intentions as the centrifuges keep spinning?

Let's go on...the comedy continues:

In his Atlantic blog, Goldberg suggests that Obama’s ulterior motive is to drive out the ultra-conservatives and force a rupture in the governing coalition that will make it necessary for Netanyahu to take Tzipi Livni’s Kadima Party into his government, thus creating a “stable, centrist coalition” that could work for peace.

Does this silly woman actually think that any Israelis except the far left actually believe that building a few homes in Jerusalem is 'an obstacle for peace?' Does she not understand that the overwhelming consensus in Israel looks at Jerusalem as a red line, as Israel's indivisible capitol...and that in the unlikely event they managed to win an election, even Tzipi Livni and Kadima wouldn't go down that road if they wanted to stay in power?

And after this, do you think the majority of Israelis are stupid enough to trust anything the Obama Administration says?

And here's the boffo finish:

Netanyahu is taking his time-out in an Israel where many citizens and columnists are embarrassed by his behavior. Yet Post-Biden, the government is acting petulant and is inviting construction on more new homes in northeast Jerusalem. Perhaps Bibi will have the good sense to realize the Biden insult was a bit more than “regrettable,” as he tepidly put it. He may remember that the two most important things to Israel should be a security doctrine that prevents a neighboring adversary from getting a nuclear weapon and cherishing the relationship with America — rather than zoning and earmarks.

Yes, Benyamin Netanyahu, an MIT graduate is just a spoiled child having a time-out.

The reality is that since Obama has blown this out of all proportion, Netanyahu likely realizes that no amount of fine tuning or concessions is ever going to be enough to placate the most anti-Israel administration in America's history.

And while the sort of clueless Jews who take drivel of this sort seriously might be too bound up in Obama worship to understand that, the vast majority of Israel's Jews understand it only too well..even if an incredibly arrogant and ignorant Maureen Dowd remains clueless.

You see, relationships go two ways..but then, maybe MoDo just has more experience with the abusive kind.

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louielouie said...

Can you stomach the stupidity and arrogance of this idiot? Did you ever

my heavens.
ff is starting to sound like a rednek from flyover country.

Freedom Fighter said...

I'm a lot more of a redneck than you know, bro.

BTW, have fun selling firewater to the natives tonight!

yzernik said...

This is almost a perfect rebuttal, but you should also point out how hypocritical it is for Obama to "meddle" in Israeli politics and municipal zoning issues, when he refuses to "meddle" in Iran's massacre of civilians in the street of Tehran.

Freedom Fighter said...

Excellent point M.

Of course, we know Obama is a lot more interested in good relations with the mullahs than he is with Israel..

Anonymous said...

MoDo lost her mojo along time ago. She turned herself into a leftie nut hack years before Obama became president. She also can't take any criticism. I can't tell you the amount of times I write a comment on the NYT's site that they refuse to print. Maybe that's why she likes BHO so much, they both are absurdly thin skinned for the worlds they inhabit.

Freedom Fighter said...

Hi IP,
Just as a point of interest, I got into blogging directly as a result of interaction with Pravda-on-the-Hudson.

They were going to print an op-ed of mine on the Middle East, but wanted to edit it, which is not uncommon with such publications and is usually welcome as far as I'm concerned.

When I got the proposed changes back, they had changed a pro-Israel editorial into one that was 180 degrees in the other which point I told them to forget it.

I've never had that experience with any other publication or newspaper I've written for. They usually just edit for style.

I got into blogging soon after, realizing it was a forum where I had a lot more freedom to write what I wanted.

As for MoDo, she is definitely a piece of work!