Tuesday, March 02, 2010

'Manhattan Madam' Dives Head First Into NY Governor's Race


That would be Kristin Davis, the so-called 'Manhattan Madam whose business supplied hookers to ex-governor Elliot Spitzer, among others:

"I am the only candidate who is not part of the corrupt and dysfunctional system of New York State politics," the buxom blond declared in announcing her independent bid.

And she has the fix for the state's gaping budget hole: legalizing and taxing - you guessed it - prostitution, as well as marijuana.

"My ideas may seem radical, but with a [huge] deficit we need radical solutions," said Davis,

Some of you may not remember, but legalizing these items was exactly what ex-Democrat presidential candidate Weekend Monkey suggested to destroy our deficit and create full employment.

As for Ms. Davis, I applaud her efforts to move from the oldest profession to the second oldest one. New York could use an experienced businesswoman with social skills and a knowledge of how the economy works, for a change.

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Soccer Dad said...

Hmm, she might know a thing or two about "dysfunctions." :-)

B.Poster said...

The problem is when you legalize this stuff you are likely going to create more social and financail problem than we already have.

Legalize prostitution and you will have more broken families. Even a cursory glance at the situation appears to reveal that children of single parent families are more likely to be on well fare and are more likely to commit crimes than those who are raised in intact families.

Legalize marijuana and you will increase the medical costs to the state that are incurred to treat drug addicts. The increased costs will fall to the state as many of the new addicts who will become seriously ill are unable to work.

In other words legalize prostitution and legalize marijuana and you will only make our current problems much worse. I would expect the budget deficits to increase by a magnitude of at least fifty if this is done.

A much better solution to both of these problems is to push for a return to the Judeo-Christian principles that played a significant role in founding this country. This will help to discourage prostitution and illicit drug use. Part of what makes law more effective is people wish to refrain from breaking them!!

There should be steep penalties for prostitution. I'm thinking one conviction and multiple years in prision. Not the current situation where a small fine is paid and both the prostitute and the customer are back out doing the same thing the next day.

As for illicit drug use, much of the supply comes through Mexico from South and Central America. Redeploy the military to Northern and Southern borders to interdict this stuff and you guessed it steeper penalties for illicit drug users and the sellers of such products. I'd rather have the military defending America in this manner than engaged in fruitless efforts in places like Iraq and Afghanistan.

Finally, the medical marijuana argument is false. There are other options that do not have the disasterous side effects that marijuana has. I think we need to ask ourselves are unscrupulous elements trying to destroy us by drowning us in illicit drugs and prostitution?

louielouie said...

when i look at that photo i see peroxide, botox, cellulite, and saline.
or as monkey boy would say, the four major food groups.
speaking of baboon boy, i don't know where he is, but i sure hope he stays there, as his so-called solution for eliminating the public debt will no doubt create just as much private debt. i don't think either of sides of this idea will go for IOUs in this economy. it sort of reminds me of the story of the feds taking over the mustang ranch, or as monkey boy calls it, home, and selling off the assets. as far as i'm concerned i have sex every time i send in my income tax payments. and what do i have to show for it?
the city of tulsa is damned near bankrupt, and so is state gov't here. i'll pass on those particular ideas of gov't body piercings.
i'm just curious about something ff, there wasn't any type of entendre in the heading of this essay was there now? double or otherwise? now was there? her head first into the race. head first.

Anonymous said...

Yes, good on her. I think we should all encourage prostitution and adultery and reward them by bringing them into politics. Only in America would anyone even consider someone so awful as a candidate for something. I mean, legalising things like bud is one thing... but having her represent a state is another! Prostitution is not right, nor will it ever be right. How could anyone support this!