Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Senate Parliamentarian Rules Against GOP In First ObamaCare Challenge

No big surprise here. Frumin was appointed by the Dems when they took back the Senate and is paid out of Harry Reid's budget:

Senate parliamentarian Alan Frumin ruled against Senate Republicans Monday night, setting aside the first of many expected procedural objections from the GOP.

The parliamentarian ruled that changes to a proposed excise tax on high-cost plans would not violate the 1974 Budget Act by changing contributions to the Social Security trust fund.

Republican procedural experts had argued the impact on Social Security was enough to violate the Byrd Rule and derail the whole bill.{...}

Republicans plan to raise another challenge on grounds the bill would improperly establish a healthcare reform implementation fund with a $1 billion appropriation.

GOP aides argue this would violate the Budget Act's Byrd Rule because the expenditure falls within the jurisdiction of the Appropriations Committee, which did not receive a reconciliation instruction from the Budget panel.

Remember what Dem Committee Chair Alcee Hastings said.. "There ain't no rules here. We make 'em up as we go along"

Spoken by someone who knows,as a former federal judge impeached for bribery who is still a member of Congress in good standing.

Obamacare will be derailed when the votes are there to do it. Remember that in November.

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