Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Muslims Riot, Kill 500 Christians In Nigeria


In the latest manifestation of the Religion of Peace, 500 Nigerian men women and children were murdered in the city of Jos by Muslim mobs:

Survivors and human rights organizations said that more than 500 people — many of them young children from an ancient ethnic Christian group known as the Berom — were hacked to death with machetes, axes and daggers in the villages of Dogo Nahawa, Ratsat and Zot by killers chanting Allahu akbar (God is greatest).

Witnesses said that gangs waited at main entry points to the villages while others went from house to house, setting the homes on fire. Those who fled were killed at the exit points. Others were slaughtered after being caught in animal traps and nets as they ran in the dark.

Ben Kwashi, the Anglican Archbishop of Jos, said that he had visited one of the villages. “I could see kids from age 0 to teenagers, all butchered from the back, macheted in their necks, their heads. Deep cuts in the mouths of babies. The stench. People wailing and crying,” he said.

What's at issue in Jos and other areas in Nigeria is the extension of Islamist dominance and sharia law, which already takes precedence in part of the country.

The Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC)made a pro forma condemnation of the Jos massacre, with the organization’s Secretary General, Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, urging Nigerian authorities “to take drastic measures that will decisively end the embarrassing circle of violence and achieve reconciliation” between the country’s Christian and Muslim communities.

Ah yes, the 'circle of violence' - the old, familiar song. Sounds like Kashmir, Israel, the Sudan, Lebanon, Thailand, or any of the other many areas of Muslim grievance.

There is a reference in several news sources about how these latest attacks are said to have been 'reprisals' for a January killings when many victims were Hausa-speaking Muslims'.

I suppose that would be the January 18th attacks where Muslims 'youths' torched a Christian Church with people inside and attacked them as they ran from the building, killing 22 and wounding 300. The subsequent clashes killed roughly 27 more people, including several of the attackers...and yes, some of the dead were Muslims.

A little history - forty years ago, the Christians of Nigeria, fed up with anti-Christian jihad by Muslims, tried to create an independent state, called Biafra.

There's no doubt it could have been self-sustaining, because just as in the Sudan, the oil of Nigeria lay in the south, under Christian lands.

For over two years the Christians, who were mainly Ibo fought desperately, with almost no aid from outside. The West only wanted the oil flow to continue, so it did nothing while tens of thousands of Christians were slaughtered and starved out.So neither the Americans nor the British nor the UN lifted a finger to help the Christians of Nigeria. In July 1969 the leader of the Biafrans, Colonel Ojukwu, delivered his “Ahiara Declaration,” summing up the reasons for the war, and he spoke openly about the “Jihad” that the Muslims had waged on the Christians. No one in the Western world paid any attention. The death toll is estimated at perhaps a million Christians during the two year war, and that is conservative.

The West may not have understood, but Arabs understood that this was a jihad quite well. They openly aided in the massacre of tens of thousands of helpless Ibo villagers, with Egyptian pilots in Egyptian Migs strafing and bombing the civilians below.Oddly enough, the Israelis understood it was a jihad too..or perhaps what was happening to the Christians in Biafra struck a chord in their own past. They were the only other country aside from Ghana to recognize Biafra and attempt to aid them.

What is going on in Nigeria is what is going on in countless areas around the world, wherever Islam's aptly named 'bloody borders' meet the non-Islamic world, the part of the world Muslims themselves refer to as 'dar-harb' (literally, the house of war, the part of the world not dominated by Islam).

We fail to recognize this for what it is at our own peril.

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