Saturday, March 20, 2010

Your ObamaCare Update

A couple of interesting developments as things come down to the wire and comedy turns into farce.

Today was the day of a massive anti-Obamacare demonstration in DC with something like 30,000 attending.

And wouldn't you know it? The Angry left at places like PuffHo is breathlessly reporting that those racist, fascist tea partyers called two members of the Congressional Black Caucus the N-word!! And threatened gun violence! And called Barney Frank 'homo' and 'faggot' which some of the dear souls printed as f****t'

Funny thing though...the only people whose word we have for the racial slurs are those pinnacles of veracity, members of the Congressional Black Caucus John Lewis (D-GA.) and Andre Carson (D-Ind.). Nobody else even heard it, in that big crowd with all the media present. But of course,nobody who belongs to an inherently racist group like the CBC would ever lie, right? And especially not these two. Buy hey, CNN picked it up so it must be true, what with CNN's sterling record for honest, fair and balanced coverage. Just ask Baghdad Bob or Saddam Hussein.

The 'gun violence threat' consisted of two signs saying “Warning: If Brown can’t stop it, a Browning can.” In a crowd of 30,000 people.

One thing that did apparently happen was that Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, (D-Missouri) who also claimed in a statement after the fact he too was subjected to the N-word was spat on by one protester as he walked to the Capitol for a vote.

I can hardly see what he's complaining about. Cleaver's been spitting on the 'little people' that pay his salary for months now.

In another interesting development, the Democrats in the House rules committee descended into chaos over the Slaughter Solution,(AKA 'deem and pass) which apparently has some basic legal and procedural problems with it.

See, the Senate has passed its ObamaCare bill. Now, if the House passes the same exact bill, it goes on to Prez Zero, and if he signs it, the bill becomes law. That's how Article I of the Constitution specifies that this sort of thing needs to be done.

The problem is that when the House Democrats vote for the Senate bill using the unconstitutional 'deem and pass' strategy, they also want to simultaneously pass a package of amendments to the law.

Except that ObamaCare isn't law at that point, since Obama hasn't signed it. And you can't 'amend' something that isn't law!

The House Democrats don't want to go one record as voting for thedeeply unpopular Obamacare, so they were hoping to use 'deem and pass' (which magically deems the Senate bill to have passed without a vote) and then pass the so-called 'fixes'.

Because of that, the Democrats have decided to drop 'deem and pass' for now and go for an actual vote on the Senate bill.

But in a bizarre twist ( since the Dems in the House still don't trust the Dems in the Senate) they're going to have a separate, up-or-down vote on the 'fixes' to the bill scheduled before they vote on the Senate ObamaCare bill!

Again, this is something unheard of, but, as Dem Committee Chair Alcee Hastings said today "There ain't no rules here. We make 'em up as we go along"

Spoken by someone who knows,as a former federal judge impeached for bribery who is still a member of Congress in good standing.

The vote count? Very fluid.It appears Pelosi is still about a half dozen votes shy of 216. Here's a rough schedule EST of Sunday's proceedings:

2 p.m.: The House will debate for one hour the rules of debate for the reconciliation bill(the 'fixes') and the Senate bill.

3 p.m.: The House will vote to end debate and vote on the rules of the debate.(if any)

3:15 p.m.: The House will debate the reconciliation package for two hours.

5:15 p.m.: The House will vote on the reconciliation package.

5:30 p.m.: The House will debate for 15 minutes on a Republican substitute and then vote on the substitute.

6 p.m.: The House will vote on the final reconciliation package.

6:15 p.m.: If the reconciliation bill passes, the House will immediately vote on the Senate bill, without debate.

Stay tuned...

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B.Poster said...

The actions of the Democrats in the House and the Senate and the President seem to me to be no different than how dictators do things in third world counties. As I understand, Idaho has already passed a law essentially telling the Attorney General to sue to block the portion of the bill that requires people to buy health insurance. If this bill is passed, I would expect other states to follow suit, if they have not already, as this bill will face further financial burdens on states who already struggling to pay their bills as it is.

The problem with this is I don't expect law suits to be successful in blocking the implementation of this monstrosity of a bill. After law suits fail, what options are left? The only thing I can think of is succession. The last time this was tried Abraham Lincoln sent the military to hold the Union together and we had a Civil War as a result.

Clearly we can't afford this bill and it will only make the health care system worse. As such, it must be stopped by what ever means are necessary. Should states secede from the Union in order to avoid destroying themsleves because of this bill do you think Mr. Obama would send the military to keep these states in the Union? Do you think the military would fire on the citizens of these states in order to keep them in the Union? I think it is entirely possible that the military would side with the states. Who would side with Mr. Obama at this point?

I think I'm beginning to see why he wants a defense force to monitor American citizens that is as well funded as the military is. He seems to be using a third world dictator model where the military and police forces routinely fire on civilians who aren't cooperative.

Finally, if this passes using the various hook or crook methods like the Slaughter solution, I think this may be the end of Democracy as we know it in America. Once the preceent is set, I think it is going to be difficult to undo it, a bit like "getting tooth paste back in the tube." In other words devious methods like this will be used in the future.