Monday, March 15, 2010

Rachel Corrie's Parents To Sue Israel

Some of you are familiar with Rachel Corrie, one of the postergirls of the `anti-Zionist' Left. She was accidentally killed when getting in the way of an Israeli bulldozer involved in collapsing tunnels used to smuggle arms and explosives to Palestinian terrorists involved in murdering Israel's civilian population, and was part of the International Solidarity Movement,(ISM) which really, really likes the idea of killing of Israeli civilians as a `tactic for liberation'.

The myth of Corrie's death as a `peace activist' has been a real goldmine, both ideologically and financially. She's been the subject of a hit play in London, and become a small time cottage industry with a plethora of tee shirts, hats, posters and watches being sold with her image...which of course looks very different than the above ABC news photo of a screaming, hate filled haridan burning an American flag at a Hamas rally. There was even a fundraising `tour' by her parents.

In an effort to raise even more cash out of their daughter's death, the Corries decided to take Caterpillar, the American company that manufactures the bulldozers used by Israel to court and filed a wrongful death lawsuit, on the grounds that Caterpillar knew or should have known the Israeli government would use the bulldozer to commit `human rights violations' and therefore Caterpillar should be civilly liable.

This attempt to raid the deep pockets of an American company failed dismally, as the case was dismissed as being without merit by none other than the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

So now, the Corries have hit on another tactic to try and cash in - They've decided to sue the State of Israel. Their lawyer is one Abu Hussein, who has made a career for himself defending terrorist murderers in Israel.

Al-Guardian reported that four of Corrie's former co-conspirators in the ISM who claim to have been on the scene are going to be allowed into Israel to give what I'm sure will be unbiased, truthful evidence.( sarcasm off) They were formerly banned from entrance into Israel because of their pro-terrorist activities, but the Obama Administration apparently pressured Israel to allow them in to testify.The Obama Administration is also apparently not invoking sovereign immunity as it has with the Saudis and other nations in cases like this. That probably has a lot to do with why the Corries are bringing suit just now.

Rachel Corrie hated America and was nothing less than a classic Jew hater, which she attempted to mask by turning it into `anti-Zionism'. I'd like to feel sympathy for her demise,but frankly, I think she's better off and doing less harm by not being around.

I do feel a certain sympathy for her parents. They obviously share Rachel Corrie's sentiments, but they have probably spent a lot of tee shirt, poster and merchandise money by now on this crusade of theirs and will probably have to dip in even more for this current lawsuit.

So, as a gesture of sympathy, I thought I'd contribute my own idea for merchandising her image so that the Corries can recoup a bit: (scroll down)

Her real image, that is. Always glad to be of help.

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yzernik said...

Joe Biden's entourage had time in their busy schedule to meet with the Corrie Family lawyers during his "goodwill trip" to Israel.