Sunday, March 21, 2010

Stupak Caves - Will Vote Yes On ObamaCare

This pretty much finishes things in the House.

Bart Stupak, the leader of the anti-abortion holdouts against Obamacare just rolled over. The idea is that Obama is going to issue some kind of executive order to change the abortion language in the bill. And I'm sure Stupak got something out of it personally...we'll find out later.

Now on to the real battle - resistance,court challenges and repeal.

UPDATE: Major Garrett just twittered me:

"Exercising caution on Stupak. No confirmation he's a "yes"...yet. He told Hill reporters min ago he's still a "no."

Stay tuned...and call Bart Stupak at 202-225-4735

Is he prepared to go against what the majority of his fellow Americans want? Does he care how many unborn babies end up being murdered with federal funds?. Does he think G-d and the American people aren't watching as he makes his deals and decisions on this bill? Is he really going to trust promises made by the likes of Nancy Pelosi and Zero? Is he unaware that an Executive Order by the likes of Zero can be repealed by the stroke of a pen? Call Stupak and tell him NO FREAKIN' WAY.

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